E|Drums Mini Vol1 – A Free Drum Sample Collection By Multiples


Multiples has released E|Drums Mini Vol1, a free drum sample collection featuring the sounds of Dirty Panda Drumbox by CFA Sound.

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Recently, I have been pulling together resources to create E|Drums XL which will be the culmination of the E|Drums series so far. In doing so, I came across a plugin called the Dirty Panda Drumbox (pictured below) by CFA Sound which was given away free by Computer Music Magazine.

This is one of the first plugin’s of its type that I have used to create authentic Analogue drum machine sound and found it to be a real joy to use. Therefore, I thought I would wet your appetite for the E|Drums XL release by releasing a sampler of the sounds achievable by using this plugin.

E|Drums Mini Vol1 is available for free download via Multiples.

Video Demo

Check out the E|Drums Mini Vol1 demo video:


Download E|Drums Mini Vol1: click here

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