How To Use A Limiter – A Free Mastering Tutorial By Point Blank


Point Blank music production college has started a new Audio Mastering Course with Doug Shearer. They’ve also published a free video tutorial from that course, covering some useful tips on how to properly use a limiter in a mastering situation.

So without further ado, on to the tutorial:

The tutorial showcases some useful techinques on analyzing the peaks before limiting, as well as careful handling of the plugin in order to avoid limiting artefacts.

If you’re in need of a limiter but short on cash, check out BPB’s best free limiter plugins list. I would highly recommend Loudmax from that list, as it offers similar functionality to the L2 Ultramaximizer used in the video. Try linking the threshold and output sliders to the same MIDI controller inside your DAW to properly follow the technique featured in the mastering tutorial above.

Here’s more info about the Point Black music production college Audio Mastering Course:

Are you more than capable of putting a tune together and mixing it quite well – yet it still doesn’t sound like the records you love? If so, the Audio Mastering Course is the finishing touch you are looking for. It is designed to help you develop/tune your ears, find out about mastering EQ, compression (including multi-band), limiting, mid/side processing and more. We think it makes sense to learn how to master your own tunes and get the results you need every time. We have based this course on Waves plug ins but the skills you absorb can be applied to any mastering software or hardware. Demonstrated by a professional mastering engineer at the top of his game who has worked with top acts in the best mastering studios in London, this is the culmination of your musical journey: the mysterious art of mastering is revealed!

For more info about the limiting tutorial, click here. To visit the mastering course page, click here.


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