ThrillseekerLA Leveling Amplifier VST Announced By Variety Of Sound!


Variety Of Sound has released ThrillseekerLA, a freeware leveling amplifier effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

Based on an opto-electric circuit model, Variety of Sound’s ThrillseekerLA will be an audio leveling amplifier with amazing analog like qualities. It offers sophisticated and deep gain riding full of musical character and attitude but with virtually no inter-modulation (IM) distortion artifacts!

Instead, it implements a convincing non-linear amplifier stage based upon an accurate stateful non-linear interstage model. This way, harmonically related distortion products can be dialed in separately and to taste which enables sonic texturing and creamy signal coloration duties “on demand”. The processed audio stays alive and vibrant and the subtle detail in depth as well as the spatial image resolution will be the icing on the cake.

ThrillseekerLA should be released during the first quarter of 2012 (more info here)!


ThrillseekerLA Announcement: click here
Variety Of Sound Online: click here

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