Sharkjumper – Free Dubstep Bass Rack For Ableton Live


Francis Prève has released Sharkjumper, a free dubstep bass instrument in Ableton Live rack format.

Wubwubwubwubwubwubwub. Urp. I swore I’d never make a straight-up dubstep bass patch, but since that train shows no sign of stopping this year, it’s time for me to jump the shark. Of course, I couldn’t resist calling attention to that fact, so the preset is named… Well, you KNOW what it’s named.

Sharkjumper is available for free download via Francis Prève’s website. Francis has released some other cool freebies in the past, including this free Mattel Synsonics sample pack.

For more free dubstep related stuff, check out Ghosthack’s free dubstep sample pack and AfroDJMac’s BroStep Synth for Ableton Live.


Download Sharkjumper: click here

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