Free Balafon SoundFont By Emiliano Grilli


Emiliano Grilli has released a free SoundFont featuring the sounds of a balafon, a wooden percussion instrument similar to a vibraphone.

The instrument itself is gorgeous, too bad I have to gave him back soon… I only sampled one layer for each note, basically there are three octaves of a C scale from G2 to F5 (I don’t know for sure those are the actual pitches, maybe I missed an octave in positioning notes).

The SoundFont is available for free download via linuxaudiostudio. You can read more about the balafon in this Wikipedia entry. To my ears it sounds quite similar to a marimba.

If you’re looking for free software to play SF2 files, check out BPB’s round-up of free SoundFont players for Windows and Mac. If you need more free balafon sounds, grab this great free balafon sample pack by Hugo Kant.

Audio Demo

Check out the Balafon SoundFont audio demo:


Download Balafon SoundFont: click here

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