Togu Audio Line Releases TAL U-NO-LX v2 And Drops Price To $40

TAL U-NO-LX v2 by Togu Audio Line.

TAL U-NO-LX v2 by Togu Audio Line.

Togu Audio Line has released TAL U-NO-LX v2, a new version which introduces several improvements to their fantastic Roland JUNO-60 analog synthesizer emulation.

We released version 2.0 of TAL-U-NO-LX. This version includes an improved filter that is more accurate and warmer, especially at extreme values with a lot resonance. Old presets are compatible with this version.

Togu Audio Line has also dropped the price of TAL U-NO-LX to $40 for an unlimited period of time (the original price of the instrument was $70, with a $35 introductory offer).

The new version of TAL U-NO-LX includes a warmer filter model, a tweaked chorus unit and a slightly re-designed GUI. It is a bit more CPU intensive than the original version.

The demo version of TAL U-NO-LX v2 is available for free download via Togu Audio Line. The only limitation of the demo version is that the presets can not be saved (however, you can use all of the fantastic factory presets which are available for download on the product page).

Audio Demo

Check out the TAL U-NO-LX audio demo:


Get TAL U-No-LX v2: click here

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