Monotron Novachord – A Free Monotron Delay Instrument By Dan Wilson


Dan Wilson (aka Hideaway Studio) has released Monotron Novachord, a free Novachord-alike Kontakt instrument sampled from the Korg Monotron Delay.

Here’s what Dan has to say about the new instrument:

I got myself a Korg Monotron Delay the other day and although it’s great fun to make weird and wacky noises with, it turns out its quite a nifty sample source too… In fact such is the nature of the Monotron’s oscillator and filter I was rather surprised to produce something rather close to the Novachord with some careful filter tweaking.

Three EQ peaks (high Q) were added in Kontakt to simulate the Novachord’s three resonators. Behold the Monotron Novachord…. in 4 megabytes. :)

Monotron Novachord is proudly hosted on Bedroom Producers Blog with kind permission of the author (the download link is located below this article).

To get the idea of how the Montron Novachord sounds, take a listen to the audio demo embedded below. I would never guess that those sounds were generated by a Monotron!

This instrument is the latest addition to a fantastic series of free Kontakt instruments created by Hideaway Studio. To get more awesome sounds for Kontakt, visit the Hideaway Studio Archive.

Say thanks to Dan and post your impressions in the official Hideaway Studio Monotron Novachord thread on KVR Forums.

IMPORTANT INFO: This instrument was NOT made by Bedroom Producers Blog. It was created by Hideaway Studio and is only being hosted on the BPB server.

Audio Demo

Check out the Monotron Novachord audio demo:


Download Hideaway Studio Monotron Novachord: click here

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