TSE X50 – Free Peavey 5150+ Guitar Amp Emulation Released By TSE

TSE X50 by TSE Audio.

TSE X50 by TSE Audio.

TSE Audio has released TSE X50, a free Peavey 5150+ guitar amp emulation in VST plugin format for Windows (Mac version coming soon).

TSE X50 is as a digital emulation of a famous US guitar amp. Because two almost similar amps were made, both red channels are modeled. The green channel is modeled after the first make.

TSE X50 is available for free download via TSE Audio’s website (3.21MB download size, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

The public beta version of the plugin has been released back in April 2012, so this amp sim has been in development for more than two and a half years!

I’m a big fan of TSE Audio’s other effects, my favorite one being the recently released TSE B.O.D v2.0 bass guitar stomp box. I’ll be using it a lot when mixing my band’s new EP.

Video Demo

Check out the TSE X50 demo video:


Download TSE X50: click here

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  1. Yeah !
    Another killer metal amp.I tested an early beta.

    Frankly, after tested everything possible since the beginning (remember Guitar Suite ?), my fav metal amps are freewares.

    RevolutionZ, TSE X40-X50, Poulin LE456 (fav ever), Lecto…
    Combined with TSE 808, you can kill any payware configuration, even the most praised ones.

    And if you want something on iOS, JampUp Pro XT is simply the best for high gain ;)

  2. Dean Aka Nekro


    This is as close to the real deal I’ve had the pleasure of using and great to see it fully released. I’ve had to blindtest myself against my own 5150 Mk II which speaks volumes, Paul/Onqel is a black arts masters! :O