AZur Studio Releases “Noise Machine” For TAL-NoiseMaker (114 Free Presets)

Noise Machine by AZur Studio.

Noise Machine by AZur Studio.

AZur Studio has released Noise Machine, a free sound bank containing 114 free presets for the TAL-NoiseMaker freeware synthesizer.

Hi. I released NoiseMachine for TAL-NoiseMaker. This soundset contains 114 presets.

Noise Machine is available for free download via AZur Studio (193kB download size, contains 114 presets in FXB format & in the native TAL format).

Please note that this sound bank requires v3.21 TAL-NoiseMaker. This fantastic freeware instrument is available for download @ Togu Audio Line. It is included in BPB’s list of the best free VA synthesizers.

AZur Studio has released several other sound banks in the past, for various virtual instruments including Oatmeal, Charlatan, etc.


Download Noise Machine: click here

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