dirty harry DIY Lo-Fi Synthesizer by de la Mancha Is Now Freeware!

dirty harry by de la Mancha.

dirty harry by de la Mancha.

de la Mancha has announced that his dirty harry virtual instrument based on the sounds of DIY hardware synthesizers is now freeware!

dirty harry used to be a payware VST synth, but since I stopped selling any plugins at all, I thought I’d release it for free. Enjoy it in all its dirty, gritty, lofi glory!

dirty harry is available for free download via de la Mancha (3.14 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

The synthesizer used to be a commercial product, however it is now released as freeware since de la Mancha is (unfortunately!) not able to sell his plugins any more. Most of the freeware stuff can now be downloaded from his blog and since last week some of the commercial stuff is now becoming freeware too! You can grab the awesome GTA bus compressor here.

dirty harry is based on waveform samples captured from two DIY synthesizers. de la Mancha has sampled his Atari Punk Console and Bugbrand and used their sounds as oscillators for this virtual instrument.

The resulting synthesizer sounds dirty and amazingly lo-fi. It’s a fantastic tool for creating gritty digital sounds, including rattling basses as well as noisy leads. I’ve been lucky enough to own this virtual instrument for a while and I’ve had loads of fun with it!

You can take a listen to my own little audio demo of dirty harry below. It’s just a simple 20 minutes project to give you a basic idea about the sound of this synthesizer. Make sure you download dirty harry even if you think that the demo song sucks! :)

Many thanks to de la Mancha for releasing this instrument for free! It’s a a rare gritty gem among loads of other clean sounding a warm virtual synthesizers available online.

Audio Demo

Check out the dirty harry audio demo:


Download dirty harry: click here

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