PULS Pulse Wave Synthesizer By de la Mancha Is Now FREE!

PULS by de la Mancha.

PULS by de la Mancha.

de la Mancha has announced the re-release of PULS, a pulse wave synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows which is now freeware.

PULS is a monophonic pulse wave synthesizer with simple controls but complex sounds. From 2 pulse wave oscillators you can get chunky basses, scorching leads, retro chiptune, dusty lofi and oddball noises.

PULS is available for free download via de la Mancha (2.81 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

This is a neat little monophonic synthesizer which works as a great tool for designing chiptune and lo-fi sounds. PULS was originally priced at $9 and was sold as a commercial product. It is now re-released as freeware after being unavailable for quite a while, due to de la Mancha’s online shop going offline. If you like the plugin, please support de la Mancha’s cause and make a donation to Cancer Research UK (more info available on the download page).

PULS features 2 pulse wave oscillators with adjustable pulse width and unison mode per oscillator. It also features an arpeggiator and comes with a set of 32 factory presets. I must also add that the GUI looks extremely cool.

de la Mancha has released several fantastic freeware goodies recently, including dirty harry which is another cool chiptune instrument. Don’t miss sixtyfive and GTA either, those two are fantastic freeware compressors which used to be commercial plugins. Once again, many thanks to de la Mancha for releasing these awesome tools for freeware. I hope he starts developing plugins again!


Download PULS: click here

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