Get 2 Freeware VST Plugins As A Christmas Gift From WOK!

Bassimo by WOK.

Bassimo by WOK.

WOK has announced that he will give away 2 VST plugins to anyone who joins his Christmas Gift 2013 special offer. Continue reading for more info.

Because this year’s Christmas present is something special, with two plugins available nowhere else (one evil synth and one tricky audio effect, Win32), you need to do something more than just write the usual e-mail like every year.

There are two ways two get your free VST plugin bundle:

  1. By sending a Christmas card or a picture postcard to WOK from your country (a real Christmas card with a stamp on)
  2. By donating some money to a charity organization specified by WOK

Visit the Christmas Gift 2013 page on WOK’s website to get more info about this Christmas special. Click on each of the two options available on the site to get further instructions.

Last year WOK was giving away a cool freebie synthesizer based on one of his commercial products. This time the freebie bundle includes an effect and a virtual instrument.

He has released a nice series of minimalistic freeware VST plugins this year. Type WOK in the BPB search box to get his latest freebies. Also, take a look at WOK’s collection of commercial products on his website.


WOK’s Website: click here

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  1. I chose to get the plugins by making a small donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres.

    I haven’t spend too much time with the synth (I’m currently on an Aalto spree) but I can say that it’s a nice and straightforward instrument.

    The effect (a delay thing) is very cool and definitely worth getting I would say! It’s simple but with a few clever features that make it very interesting and useful to me.

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