Free Mono Bass VST Plugin + 30 Days Free Pass To Groove3 Videos

Mono Bass by Boz Digital Labs.

Mono Bass by Boz Digital Labs.

Boz Digital Labs has announced that their Mono Bass effect is available for free download for the next 10 days and they’re also offering a 30 day all access coupon code to Groove3!

Mono Bass (I know, the name sucks. We need to find a new name) fixes those pesky low frequency width problems by collapsing your low frequencies to mono.

Mono Bass is available for free download via Boz Digital Labs (3.2 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac).

To get the plugin, simply add it to your shopping cart and continue to free checkout. The download process is completely free.

Mono Bass is a utility effect, designed for fixing low frequency issues in stereo audio signals. You can use it to convert the bass range to mono while keeping the high end stereo. The standard price for this product will be $25, however it will remain free until January 1st.

Another similar plugin is Basslane by Tone Projects, but it’s Windows only. For more free stereo manipulation plugins, take a look at our round-up article.

Boz Digital Labs are also offering a 30 day all access pass to Groove3, which is a fantastic resource of video tutorials for musicians and music producers.

We are excited to announce that you can get access to the entire set of Groove3′s tutorials for free for 30 days. They were kind enough to hook me up with a coupon code for a free 30 day all access pass. You don’t even have to put in your credit card number.

To get your free access pass, visit Groove3 and use boz30 as the coupon code. I had access to Groove3 video tutorials during an earlier giveaway such as this one and was amazed by all the fantastic online courses they’re offering. You can learn about compression, EQ, drum programming, mixing, all that good stuff. Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re looking to improve your music production skills! Get more info about the offer here.

Video Demo

Check out the Groove3 intro video:


Boz Digital Labs: click here

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