Official Video Tutorial Series For Kairatune By Futucraft (Free)


Futucraft has announced the availability of Kairatune Video Manual, a completely free series of video tutorials for their freeware Kairatune monophonic virtual synthesizer.

Futucraft has published a video manual and sound design primer for the free Kairatune VSTi/AUi. The manual is presented in 7 episodes, each covering a specific sound design topic corresponding to a section of the instrument’s user interface.

All seven episodes of the tutorial series can be watched for free via Youtube.

Much more than just a simple manual, this cool video tutorial series offers a great introduction into the world of sound design. It covers all the different parts of the Kairatune synthesizer and explains how they can be used for creating different types of synthesized sounds. The first episode of the series serves as a brief introduction, while each of the other six episodes deals with a different part of the Kairatune interface.

I’m sure that anyone looking to improve their synth programming skills will seriously benefit from watching these tutorial videos. It would be a good idea to download your free copy of Kairatune before you start your journey. Of course, what you learn in the Kairatune video manual can be applied to many other instruments which share a similar subtractive synthesis topology.

The videos were created by Nick Maxwell, who is offering loads of other free sound design goodies on his YouTube Channel. If you’re looking for more resources to get you on the right track with synth programming, I warmly recommend the free How To Make A Noise e-book by Simon Cann. It’s a great resource to get you started with sound design!


Download Kairatune: click here

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  1. Without a doubt Kairatune is one of the best sounding and best looking free softsynths out there! And it is much better than some commercial softsynths too! <3

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