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Power Tools by ModeAudio. (REVIEW)

ModeAudio has recently released Power Tools, a premium collection of hard hitting drum samples designed for use in currently popular EDM genres like dubstep and trap. This article features my review of the Power Tools drum sample library, along with an exclusive pack of ModeAudio samples which you can download for free.

Power Tools contains 330 one shot drum samples in total, spread across 30 custom drum kit patches which are available for use in all popular audio hosts and drum samplers. The pack is available in six different versions, depending on your preferred digital audio workstation. The basic version only contains the WAV files, however ModeAudio team members have also created dedicated versions for Logic, Reason, Maschine, FL Studio and Ableton Live users.

So what makes Power Tools stand out from the crowd when compared to hundreds of commercially available drum sample libraries out there? Although it’s close to impossible to create a groundbreaking drum sample library nowadays, ModeAudio has done a great job with Power Tools because they’ve focused on heavy drum sounds which are incredibly loud and super aggressive. The included samples are ready for use in commercial tracks and they’d fit perfectly in most of the tunes which are currently topping the EDM charts.

One of the absolute highlights of the library is the tuned kicks folder, featuring a set of 80 tuned kick drums with clearly labeled filenames. Considering the fundamental role of kick drums in modern EDM arrangements, having a set of well produced kick samples which you can pick depending on the key of your tune makes the life of a producer way easier. The tuned kicks come in four different versions (C, E, G3, C2), so all you have to do is to choose the right flavor of the bass drum and then load up the proper version depending on the key of your current project.

As a person who already owns way more electronic drum samples than I really need, I’m absolutely sure that Power Tools is one of the packs which I’d definitely keep once I decide to clean up my drum sample folders. As a matter of fact, this library can serve as a great starting point for up and coming EDM producers out there, providing a solid foundation of hard hitting drums for genres such as trap, dubstep, or even electro and house.

The official Power Tools demo track is embedded below for your listening pleasure. You should also consider grabbing the freebie pack featured in this article, as it contains a small selection of drum sounds from the Power Tools library.

If you’re looking for heavy kicks and snares to use in your next EDM banger, then Power Tools by ModeAudio is definitely one of the options worth considering. Given the ridiculously low price of £12 during the Summer Sale which ends on July 21st, my recommendation is to grab this kit and expand your drum arsenal with 330 banging electronic drum sounds.

Product page: Power Tools (£12)

Free Samples

The kind folks at ModeAudio have prepared an exclusive free set of audio samples and loops for all BPB readers. The freebie kit contains a small selection of samples from four different ModeAudio releases, featuring 24 samples in WAV format, 16 MIDI sequences and 6 NI Massive patches.

Download link: ModeAudio Sampler (17.2 MB)

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