Help dlM Donate £1000 To Cancer Research UK And Get 4 VST Plugins For Free!

slix by de la Mancha.

de la Mancha has launched Let’s Beat Cancer, an initiative to collect £1000 which will be donated to Cancer Research UK. Once the goal is reached, dlM will release four of his previously commercial VST plugins as freeware!

The following four VST plugins will be released for free when the £1000 goal is reached:

  • slix – An advanced multi-loop slicer instrument with some pretty nifty randomization features. It can switch between up to four different loops, each with different randomization settings for the available parameters. The instrument is delivered with 295 factory drum loops programmed by sinkmusic. A multi-out version of the plugin with four separate stereo outputs is also available.
  • erratic 2 – A 15 slot drum sample player with six velocity layers per drum slot, along with round robin triggering and some advanced randomization features. The plugin includes 1480 factory drum samples and 40 presets which show different techniques for using the plugin. The multi-out version of the plugin features separate stereo outputs for each drum slot.
  • loophole – A loop player with MIDI triggering. Different sections of up to four loops can be triggered with MIDI note messages. Randomization is fully supported, so that each note can trigger a random section of a loop. A factory library of 171 original drum loops in 24-bit WAV format is included in the download.
  • Impakter – A drum module instrument packed with 320 high quality samples of vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Some of the sampled gear includes Yamaha MR-10Mattel SynSonicsRoland Juno-60, among others. Various parameters of the drum module can be randomized.

All the plugins are available in 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows based digital audio workstations. They’ve been released as commercial software originally. de la Mancha has released numerous other freebies recently, including this nifty collection of mixing tools.


To make a donation, visit de la Mancha’s page @ JustGiving.

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