MuTools Releases MuLab 6! (Free Version Available)

MuLab 6 by MuTools.

MuTools has announced the release of MuLab 6, a new and improved version of the workflow driven modular DAW application for Windows and Mac based computers.

The updated version of MuLab introduces dozens of new features and improvements, from audio engine optimizations to new factory devices and workflow improvements. There’s just too much new stuff to list here, so I suggest that you take a look at the official What’s New In MuLab 6 page for a more detailed description of the new version.

The application is available in two different versions:

  • MuLab UL (€69)
  • MuLab Free (€0)

The UL version comes without any limitations, while the Free version supports only four tracks per project and no more than eight VST plugins per project. If the limitations of the Free version are crossed, the application will produce subtle white noise to let the user know that it’s working in demo mode. More information about the different versions of MuLab can be found here.

MuLab was my first DAW ever and it’s still the central part of my live performance setup. The modular back end of this fantastic application allows the users to create all sorts of different instrument and effect chains using 3rd party VST plugins. You can connect all of your favorite plugins with virtual patch cables inside the modular editor and then save the setup as a preset for later use.

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The application also includes a rich factory collection of virtual instruments and effects, all of which can be further tweaked under the hood in order to suit your needs perfectly. The individual components such as filters and oscillators sound fantastic on their own, so MuLab is also a great virtual playground for building your own virtual synthesizers and samplers.

Video Demo

Check out the MuLab 6 intro video:


MuLab 6 Free is available for free download via MuTools (17.4 MB download size, ZIP archive, standalone application for Windows & Mac).

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