Klevgränd Produktion Releases Vandelay Multi-Band Delay Effect (AU Plugin)


Vandelay by Klevgränd Produktion.

Vandelay is a freeware multi-band delay effect in AU plugin format for Mac OS X, released by Klevgränd Produktion. A commercial iPad version of the product is also available (compatible with AudioBus 2).

The moment I saw the screenshot of Vandelay, I remembered a similar looking plugin called Squashit. And sure enough, Vandelay comes from the same team of developers and once again it’s a Mac-only freeware plugin (also available for the iPad). Us Windows users can only watch the demo video and weep.

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So, I can’t really test Vandelay before publishing this article, but thankfully the demo video gives a pretty good idea of what this plugin can do. Vandelay is a delay effect with a twist. It is a multi-band device with 3 user-definable frequency bands, each with its own delay signal path. You get individual delay time and feedback controls for each frequency band, making it possible to achieve some great sounding complex delay effects in just a few clicks.

The plugin also features pitch shifting of the delayed signal, which works great for getting those old wobbly tape delay style effects (which I simply adore, btw). The plugin also features a global sync switch and a dry/wet knob for mixing the processed and dry audio signal.

To grab your free copy of Vandelay, you’ll need to submit a working email address on the product page linked below. The download link will be delivered to your email inbox. The iPad version of this unique delay effect can be purchased for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Windows users who are angry because they can’t use this freeware multi-band delay effect should stop punching their computer keyboard right away and try these freeware Windows alternatives by whiteLABEL and Minimal System Instruments instead.

Video Demo

Check out the Vandelay demo video:


Vandelay is available for free download via Klevgränd Produktion (355 kB download size, ZIP archive, AU plugin format for Mac OS X).

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