BTQ2 – Free “Twist” Equalizer VST Plugin Released By Jovan Koncar (J1000)


BTQ2 by J1000.

BTQ2 is a simple freeware equalizer VST plugin, optimized for adding “focus” to the low and high end of the frequency spectrum in a few easy steps. This free 32-bit VST plugin for Windows was released by Jovan Koncar aka J1000.

At first I thought that this was a “tilt” equalizer similar to the (also freeware) TAL-USE plugin by Togu Audio Line. However, it turns out that BTQ2 is based on a different concept which is somewhat similar to the well-known Pultec equalizer design.

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By tweaking the “twist” knob on BTQ2’s interface, you can instantly add a boost on one side of the chosen frequency and a cut on the other side (similar to using push-pull on a Pultec style EQ). This is a great way for getting a solid and more focused bass sound, as well as for adding clarity and a bit of sparkle to the high end.

Since the concept sounds more complicated than it really is, I’ve created a short demo video which you can watch below. It demonstrates the effect of BTQ2’s “twist” parameter on white noise and after that a simple electronic bass line.Turn down your speakers a notch before playing the video, because the white noise is perhaps a bit too loud (sorry about that – I’m still figuring out my video recording workflow).

The plugin is very well designed. It’s super easy to use and all the controls are clearly labeled and easy to grasp. BTQ2 can be used for subtle boosts and cuts which you’ll probably use when mastering, but it can also do some extreme cuts and boosts which are useful for sound design purposes. Perhaps the only serious drawback of BTQ2 is the fact that it is available in 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows only.

On a related note, Jovan Koncar has released another freeware plugin called Focus. It is a simple utility which removes the lowest and highest frequencies and sums both channels to mono. The idea is to use it on your master channel and check the mix for any issues while focusing on the mid range. The plugin is available for free download on the product page linked below.

Video Demo

Check out the BTQ2 demo video:


BTQ2 and Focus are available for free download via J1000 (2.2 MB download size, RAR archive, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. Hi, (sorry for the repost, I meant to comment here).

    I’ve never been able to access j1000’s website, it’s been months and still I cannot. I try to disable adblock, use firefox, chrome, internet explorer, and it’s never worked.

    I’m a fan of the MQ57, and I’ve used it in several mastering situations. I’m interested in other j1000 plugins, but I can only find them elsewhere on the web if I’m lucky. The only plugin I’ve got from j1000 is the MQ57 and I didn’t get it from the official site.

    This seems sort of bizarre. This is not something that happens with other websites.

    Thanks anyway for the MQ57, it’s really a fantastic piece of work!!!

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