Loophole And Impakter VSTi Plugins By de la Mancha Are Now FREE!


loophole by de la Mancha.

de la Mancha has announced that his loophole and Impakter virtual instruments in VSTi plugin format for Windows are now available for free download on his website. These two previously commercial plugins are now free because de la Mancha’s initiative to raise £1000 for Cancer Research UK has reached 50% of its final goal.

If you want to join de la Mancha’s initiative, visit his JustGiving page. All proceeds will go directly to Cancer Research UK. If the Let’s Beat Cancer fundraiser reaches its final £1000 target, two additional de la Mancha plugins will be released as freeware (Slix loop slicer and Erratic drum sampler). You’ll find more info about the fundraiser on the page linked in the downloads section below.

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For now, dlM has re-released two plugins as freeware, in celebration of the fact that 50% of the target amount has been reached. Here’s a bit more info about the two freebies.

loophole (originally priced at $29) is a rather unique sampler instrument, designed for triggering different sections of up to four different audio loops using MIDI notes. The loaded loops can be synced to host tempo and you can choose which parts of each loop will be played. The instrument can be used for creating complex mash-ups of up to four audio loops and it also supports parameter randomization for completely unexpected results. A multi-out version of the plugin is also provided, making it possible to process each of the four loaded loops with external effects.

Impakter (originally priced at $24) is a vintage drum sound module with a twist. The plugin is programmed in such a way that it adds subtle variations to each drum hit on every loop, mimicking the behavior of analogue instruments. The idea behind this is to add motion and depth to otherwise static sampled drum hits. Adding to this, the plugin features a fantastic collection of 320 original drum samples which were sampled from a variety of analogue synthesizers and drum machines (provided by WaveShaper, definitely check out his website if you’re looking for good sounding and affordable electronic drum hits).

If you’ve been following BPB for a while now, you’re probably aware of the fact that de la Mancha has been releasing some amazing free plugins in the past several months. Those who might have missed these gems, point your browsers to Scylla (a superb synthesizer with sample playback) and unstable (a neat little tool for adding a bit of lo-fi feel to your sounds), to name just a few.

Video Demo

Check out the loophole demo video:


loophole and Impakter are available for free download via de la Mancha (15 MB and 84 MB respectively, separate ZIP archives, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. nice gift (i take impakter because loophole is unflexible for me) but i am waiting for a erratic … :) beside that not all plugins of de la mancha work correct in new DAWs (propably they are to old but does everyone use newest DAWs?).

    • Bedroom Producers Blog


      I actually like loophole, but yeah Impakter is an absolutely awesome plugin. Worth the download for the included drum hits alone.

  2. I know the post is old, but I really hope someone will help me. I’ve installed a few de la mancha plug-ins, but they just don’t work and they make Renoise crash when i open it. What could be the problem?

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