Eclipsis – Freeware Hybrid Wavetable Synthesizer For Windows By VST Zone


Eclipsis hybrid wavetable synthesizer by VST Zone.

Eclipsis is a free hybrid wavetable synthesizer in VST plugin format for Windows, developed by VST Zone. It is one of the coolest freeware synthesizer releases in quite a while and it’s definitely worthy of your attention if you want to add some variety to your arsenal of virtual instruments.

The instrument features three wavetable oscillators with 118 available waveshapes which can be further modified by using three different tools. Although the included waveshapes offer a rather broad palette of timbres, it is worth noting that it is not possible to load external wavetables. Also, the instrument doesn’t support wavetable scanning, which is a feature that we’re used to seeing in modern wavetable synthesizers such as Serum.

On the other hand, Eclipsis has quite a few bonus features to help you forget about the aforementioned limitations. You can get some truly amazing sounds out of this instrument once you start experimenting with frequency modulation (you can use any of 118 different waveshapes as the frequency modulation source) and by randomizing different elements of the sound engine.

The plugin also features a powerful modulation matrix with nine different modulation sources and 39 modulation targets, an arpeggiator and two FX racks with reverb, delay and chorus effects. Eclipsis is a sound designer’s dream come true, capable of generating an incredible amount of different sound types and becoming an endless source of inspiration with its cleverly implemented randomization features.

I’ve been a rather big fan of this developer’s work thus far (their amazing Amplio 2 multi-effects unit has been included in BPB’s list of the best freebies from 2014) and I’m really glad to see such a huge release from them. I honestly can’t wait to see what they will come up next. Fingers crossed from getting more tools from VST Zone this year!

Video Demo

Check out the Eclipsis demo video:


Eclipsis is available for free download via VST Zone (2.3 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. I really dig this plugin. The modulation matrix might not have as many targets in comparison to many commercial synths, but it’s an impressive feature set, especially considering that it’s free. Seriously, when I first downloaded this program, my jaw hit the floor. It might not be able to scan wavetables, but the frequency modulation parameters alone make up for a lack thereof.

  2. Awesome synth. Can definitely see myself using this for quite some time.

    By the way, for anyone that likes this, check out UFO Z.E. by the same company. It’s a subtractive synth, but it’s very similar in terms of overall sound.

  3. May I make suggestion to the BPB makers?
    Please label an article already on the teaser level and in the top area of the actual article whether the product supports Win 32 and or 64bit and /or Mac.
    All the latest additions for 2015 have been a disappointment in terms that these are not available in Win 64bit.
    So to prevent disappointment for the avoiders of 32bit plugins, please label the articles accordingly. PLEASE!

    BTW SynthEdit sucks. Do your things in Reaktor, devs B-)

    • Bedroom Producers Blog


      That is a great idea and I was actually planning to implement this by the end of January. Adding tags for 32-bit, 64-bit, mac, windows, kontakt, etc. will make it much easier for the readers to browse the news section.

      As a matter of fact a new website layout will be launched soon too, making BPB much easier to browse on a global level.

  4. One of the earliest 2015 freeware synths, still one of the best!
    Thanks TZ for this post back in January. Still using this a ton…