CFA Sound Releases “SUPER-7” Freeware Supersaw Synthesizer VSTi Plugin


CFA Sound has announced the release of SUPER-7, the final version of their free Supersaw OSC virtual synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows based host applications.

The previous version of SUPER-7 called Supersaw OSC was recently covered in our news section. Since then, the developer has improved the plugin with a myriad of new features including a resonant 4-pole low pass filter, a dedicated filter envelope and a preset manager with a selection of twenty factory presets.

The SUPER-7 virtual synthesizer features a single supersaw oscillator which can be pushed to 32 notes of polyphony, while managing to preserve a reasonably low CPU hit. Compared to the original Roland Supersaw oscillator, CFA Sound’s freeware emulation comes pretty close. The high quality mode switch on the user interface can be used to further enhance the sound produced by the instrument, at the cost of some extra CPU cycles.

Although it is not really a fully featured synthesizer on its own, the free SUPER-7 can work great as an oscillator module in a virtual modular environment such as the MuTools MUX. An example of such a setup can be seen in the demo video which is attached to this article. By chaining several instances of the plugin together with a reverb or a delay effect, it is possible to recreate most of those classic supersaw pads and lead sounds.

The only major drawback of SUPER-7 is the fact that it is only available for 32-bit plugin hosts which run on Windows operating systems. This limitation is present due to the fact that the plugin was made with SynthEdit, which is not yet compatible with Mac OS.

Otherwise, the plugin is definitely worth looking into if you’re searching for a decent free Roland JP8000 emulation. The design and the features are rather minimal, however SUPER-7 can be combined with external effects in order to create a more faithful emulation of the original supersaw synthesizer’s iconic sound.

Video Demo

Check out the Supersaw OSC demo video (old version):


SUPER-7 is available for free download via CFA Sound (3.4 MB download size, 7ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. Too bad about the 32-bit limitation. However, many DAWS feature internal bridging. I think I’ll stack half a dozen of these and process them in all kinds of weird ways to make some huge sounds. Very useful :)

    • Look the whole 32bit limitation is really not a problem for most users. I like the fact that BDP covers the 32bit stuff as you find incredible and unusual plugins that are only 32bit. I think we all know and expect that many small developers using Flowstone or Synthedit will only be covering 32bit for now. We should not constantly put the “to bad its 32bit disclaimer on their hard-work”. Some of these guys have spent 3 years and many late nights only to hear “to bad its 32bit”. I use Reaper it has a built in wrapper so not an issue at all and you can find wrappers for your choice of DAW …. so lets make sure to show some appreciation for their hard work.

  2. The RAR. file is corrupted for some reason, aswell as the VACS synth by Noizefield. Anyone else got this problem?

  3. Have to agree with DAVID. It is simply mind blowing what some of these guys are doing…. I can never ignore what genius it takes to make even the simplest of plugins. Makes the rest of us look kinda average and useless. If you want a plugin in 32bit, DONATE something to the developer and in time you will get your mac and 64bit versions. Shout out and much gratitude to all the ”Indies” and of course BPB!!

  4. This is a good part for assembly sound. I recommend to download a Oscilator Pack from – it is good too.