Get G-Stomper Studio Android App For FREE ($9.95 Standard Price)


Android users can now download the powerful G-Stomper Studio music making application for free (for a limited time) from the Amazon App Store. The standard price of the application is $9.95 when purchased through Amazon App Store or Google Play.

G-Stomper Studio is a feature-packed live performance tool and virtual studio environment for Android devices, sporting a powerful polyphonic sequencer, a piano roll, an amazing polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer, a drum machine and a virtual mixer section with an array of virtual effects. The built-in virtual analogue synth itself (it’s called VA-Beast and is also available as a separate product) is well worth the download, however combined with all of the other features of G-Stomper Studio it is simply a must download for any Android based musician.

Feature-wise, G-Stomper studio is very similar to FL Studio Mobile and Caustic 3, although in its case the main focus seems to be on the actual subtractive synthesis engine of the VA-Beast synthesizer. Other components such as the drum machine module are quite powerful too and its no wonder that the application is normally listed at $9.95 in relevant app stores. In my opinion, G-Stomper is certainly within the three most powerful music making apps for Android, along with the aforementioned FL Studio Mobile and Caustic 3 apps.

So, how can you get G-Stomper Studio for free?

Most people use Google Play to purchase and download their apps because this is the official Android app store which comes pre-installed on most Android devices. The thing is, Amazon has an alternative app store called the Amazon App Store in which they give away various payware apps on a daily basis. This time around they’re giving away $105 worth of Android apps and one of the featured apps is G-Stomper Studio. Musicians and music producers might also be interested in Cross DJ Pro by Mixvibes ($9.99 standard price) which is also available as a free download at the moment.

OK, so here’s what you need to do.

Register for a free user account on Amazon and visit the G-Stomper Studio page linked below. Add the app to your user account by clicking the checkout button that’s it! You can now download and install this app for free at any point in the future (the license doesn’t expire and you will also get all future updates for free). To install the actual app on your Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll first need to install the Amazon App Store application (click here to download the APK file which you can install on your Android device) and log in to your user account. After that, simply install G-Stomper Studio through the Amazon App Store app and you’re good to go!

Please note that this is a time limited offer which will expire soon. You’ll find all currently available freebie apps on the Free App of the Day Bundle page. Enjoy your free app and please leave a comment if you’d like to see more Android app announcements on BPB!

Video Demo

Check out the G-Stomper Studio demo video:


G-Stomper Studio is available for free download in the Amazon App Store (37 MB download size, APK format for Android, requires Android 3.1 and up).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. G-Stomper is fun if you just want to jam out on your tablet. But sadly, it is really(!) CPU hungry. I am on a single core tablet (still – it wasn’t expensive at least), and here you can be happy to use up to 8 channels with built in samples.

    If you do happen to have a true QuadCore tablet however, you’ll definitely enjoy this freebie.

    And yes – please more Android content. Sadly, this platform still is too underrated for music tools.

  2. I was actually trying to convice myself I don’t need this app ever since I got myself a decent tablet. But since it’s a freebie now there’s no reason anymre to stay away, so thanks a million for that! :)
    And the app itself – I love the drum machine in it, it’s beyond awesome. Synth is cool too, but really cpu-heavy, EVEN on a quadcore device (1GB Ram only though). Loving it.

    And thanks for the general hint about that amazon free app thing by the way! Got some decent games out of it too!

  3. Thanks for all this man, I loved the freebie bundle, I have added the G- Stomper & Cross Dj studio to my account, and I’ll check them later. Looking forward for More Apps <3

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