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Dubstep producers have always competed for the dirtiest sounds. For those interested in highly modulated, heavily distorted bass, Prime Loops has released Total Samples: Chemical Dubstep.

Chemical Dubstep includes over 240 MB of material. To be precise, there are a whopping 22 Bass Loops, 30 Bass Hits, 80 Drum Hits, 63 Drum Loops, 66 Synth Loops, and 76 FX, all at 140BPM in 24­-bit quality.

Bass and Drums

The basses in Chemical Dubstep are the sort of mutated sounds you would hear at a recent Excision show. They fill the entire frequency range with heavy sub power and shrill highs. This is the sort of equalization favored by EDM as well as rock and metal guitarists, and this is reflected in the loops themselves. Riffs range from toothy staccato to heavy wubs, and with some repitching these samples could be mixed and matched for drops.

The drum loops range from simple hat patterns to full beats. All loops are half time with rapid hats and sharp cymbals, and the sounds focus on the layered kicks and snares that have come to characterize dubstep. Remarkably, most samples are powerful enough to be used without layering. The auxiliary toms and percussion sound organic and come with enough reverb to have a sense of realism and space. Altogether, there is enough here to craft some outstanding percussion.

Synth and FX

8-bit bloops and arpeggios characterize the synth loops in Chemical Dubstep. Nevertheless, there’s an enormous variety of sounds, from enormous reverb­laden leads to strings to mellow chords. They tend to focus on the same sort of saturated highs present in the bass loops, which might make it difficult to mix bass and synth loops together. However, as drops are more likely to focus on bass, most producers and DJs will be able to use them separately. The FX sounds complement the synths, offering the upward and downward filters that EDM relies on. Some notable samples are in the 8BIT ­FX folder, which contains short beeps and fills that will add flavor to percussion loops. These match the synths and can be mixed in effortlessly.

The Verdict

For DJs looking to add custom sounds to their sets, Total Samples: Chemical Dubstep is a perfect package. The basses and drums are perfectly heavy and contain the sort of growl that is guaranteed to please a crowd. Producers, on the other hand, might want to focus on the one shot samples. While the entire pack exemplifies Prime Loops’ typical high quality, in a genre that prides itself in unique sounds, some might find making their own more lucrative. Whatever the purpose, though, it’s clear that Chemical Dubstep is a great addition to any sample library,­ especially for those interested in heavier styles of EDM.

More info: Chemical Dubstep (€23.76)

The Giveaway

We are giving away one copy of Chemical Dubstep, kindly provided by Prime Loops (who are currently running a HUGE SALE). To enter the giveaway for the chance to win a free copy of the library, simply leave a comment below. The winner will be picked by a random number draw and announced on this page on May 22nd.

The giveaway is now CLOSED. The winner, as picked by the random number generator, is our reader Jordan Hart who left the 53rd comment on this page. Congrats Jordan! :)

Prime Loops Chemical Dubstep Review

8.0 Awesome

For DJs looking to add custom sounds to sets, Total Samples: Chemical Dubstep is a perfect package. The basses and drums are perfectly heavy and contain the sort of growl that is guaranteed to please a crowd.

  • Content Quality 8
  • Pricing 8
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