3 New Free Drum Sample Packs By WaveShaper


WaveShaper has released three brand new drum sample packs, with full commercial kits and royalty free taster packs available for each one.

The three new WaveShaper drum kits cover three different styles of drums – acoustic, analog and digital. All three kits are available as full quality packs in 24-bit WAV format and alternative taster packs with a reduced number of samples in 16-bit WAV format. The taster packs can be downloaded completely free of charge directly from WaveShaper’s website, no registration required.

The first kit is called Vintage Drums Vol01 and it features a collection of acoustic drum samples which have received all sorts of outboard gear treatment resulting in a lovely old school sound. WaveShaper has processed these drum hits with various analog equalizers, tubes, vintage mixing desks and old 12-bit samplers, creating a fantastic collection of vintage acoustic drum hits with tons of grit and character. They are suitable for use in modern hip hop, crunk, trap, dubstep and various other styles of urban and electronic music.

Next up is Synthax Error Vol01, an interesting collection of mangled and down-sampled drums for your glitchy music endeavors. Inspired by music styles like grime, industrial and IDM, these purely digital drum samples are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for aggressive and hard hitting drum sounds.

Finally, The Brain 306 is a collection of drum hits which have been sampled from the Tama Techstar TS-306 drum machine. The Techstar TS-306 is a wonderful and quite rare 80s drum machine, with a sound somewhat similar to more popular Simmons drum modules. WaveShaper has captured these classic analog drum sounds and processed them with an arsenal of tube compressors and analog equalizers, turning them into a production-ready collection of drum hits for genres like house, electro and minimal techno.

Audio Demo

Check out the Vintage Drums Vol01 audio demo:


The taster packs are available for free download via WaveShaper (3 separate ZIP archives, 16-bit WAV format, 130 free drum samples in total).

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