Orpheus – Free String Machine VSTi Plugin By B.Serrano


B.Serrano has introduced Orpheus, a freeware string machine virtual instrument in VSTi plugin format for 32-bit plugin host applications running on Windows.

Orpheus is a rather neat virtual string machine, totally worth checking out if you’re into synthesizers of this type. B.Serrano’s latest freeware creation features two generators, each with four different sound types (three string types + organ) and a set of ADSR envelopes, tone, level and pan controls, pitch drift controls and unison voice count setting. The instrument can also operate in monophonic mode with portamento, which is quite unusual for a string machine.

In addition to these per-generator parameters, the plugin also features quite a few global FX controls on the second GUI panel. These global effects include a set of three resonators (which can be randomized), low/mid presence, chorus, delay, vibrato, tremolo and auto-pan. Orpheus also features a built-in patch editor for saving and loading presets.

I’m not a big string machine user, but I kinda have a soft spot for them. My favorite virtual string machine instrument is Nabla by Full Bucket Music, as it is a fantastic freeware emulation of the Korg Delta string machine which I used to own (I still can’t get over the fact that I’ve sold it). B.Serano has some really good string machines too (apart from Orpheus). You’ll find them all on the “Synthesizers” page on his website.

Audio Demo

Check out the Orpheus demo video:


Orpheus is available for free download via B.Serrano’s website (2.18 MB, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

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  1. This is a killer plugin. The workflow is simple and the sound is fat.

    Obviously this isn’t a “Dream Machine” type of synthesizer; there are plenty of those out there. As a string/basic pad machine, though, it’s perfect.

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