Free Modded TR-707 Sample Pack By Samples From Mars


Samples From Mars has released their Modded 707 From Mars sample pack as a free download until October 5th, featuring 800 one shot samples of a modded Roland TR-707 drum machine.

The pack was originally priced at $20, but it’s now offered on the Samples From Mars website as a completely free download for everyone interested. Please note that the freebie offer expires on October 5th at 12 PM EST. All you need to do in order to grab your free copy of the library is to submit your name and email address on the product page linked below. After that, an email containing the download link will be automatically delivered to your inbox. It took around 30 minutes for our email to arrive, though, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get the download right away and keep an eye on your spam folder as well.

Modded 707 From Mars contains 800 one shot hits sampled from one of Roland’s most popular drum machines to date, although this is definitely not the type of sound that you’d normally get from the TR-707. The sampled instrument has been heavily modded, most notably by adding a tuning parameter which allowed the Samples From Mars team to change the pitch of each drum hit. Additionally, this modded TR-707 was recorded through a chain of outboard gear such consisting of tube preamps, reel to reel recorders, etc. The result is an awesome pack of lo-fi drum hits with tons of character and grit, perfect for glitching up your drum sequences. Users who are looking for the traditional Roland TR-707 will appreciate the fact that the library also contains a set of 23 un-pitched drum hits that sound faithful to the original instrument.

Apart from the one shot hits in WAV format, the pack also contains an ALS project file for Ableton Live users. The WAV samples are neatly sorted into folders for easy browsing and quick importing into any compatible sampler or DAW.


Modded 707 From Mars is available for free download via Samples From Mars (193 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 800 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format, 1 Ableton Live project in ALS format).

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