REBEL Audio Releases Free OverToner VST Plugin For Windows


REBEL Audio has introduced OverToner, a free (currently in beta) frequency spectrum expander VST plugin for Windows based host applications.

As we’ve mentioned in our recent coverage of the awesome free Gravel plugin by Taiga DSP, looks like it’s distortion plugin season for the freeware developers out there. OverToner is yet another solid new VST plugin in this category (along with the aforementioned Gravel and the brilliant MBitFun by MeldaProduction), providing a handful set of sound coloring tools which can take your clean audio signal anywhere from being mildly saturated to super heavily distorted.

OverToner sports a nicely designed and usable interface (although the behavior of the knobs is a bit confusing), organized into three sections. The main part of the interface is the distortion section, which allows the user to pick one of the fourteen available distortion algorithms and apply a certain amount of distortion to the processed signal. The other two sections provide a pair of resonant band-pass filters which can be used to further shape the sound on the output.

The included distortion/saturation algorithms sound very good and offer a nice amount of variety, raging from subtle analog style saturation to bitcrushing and sample rate reduction. It would be great if the plugin included dry/wet knobs in all three sections, so that the filters and the distorion module could be used for parallel processing without using sends in the DAW.

According to the info available on the developer’s website, the current version of the plugin is a free beta. It is fully functional, but it is unclear whether the final version of OverToner will be free or not. Either way, if you’re looking for a nice distortion plugin to add to your arsenal, download the current beta of OverToner and give it a try. Chances are that it will be a keeper.


OverToner is available for free download via REBEL Audio (550 KB download size, DLL file, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

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  1. Thanks for your replies, Peter. In regard to equal cut and boost i was referring specifically to the gain function on the filters. I guess i could put in more time to get the feel for the filters, but i didn’t find them very intuitive to use, but perhaps for other people they are what they want in this type of plugin. I wish you all the best developing your plugin, and if you’re looking for more feedback, i would say it would be good to make it easier to volume match with input/output controls (as well from the wet/dry feature suggested in the article). Many thanks and all the best.

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