Get SB Wusik Station V8 For Free Via SoundBytes Magazine


SoundBytes magazine is giving away SB Wusik Station V8, a hybrid virtual instrument in VST/AU plugin formats for PC and Mac based host applications, based on the full version of Wusik Station V8.

This is not the first time we’re seeing Wusik Station V8 as a free download, as Wusik actually gave it away on their Facebook page earlier this year. However, it seems that this particular version of the plugin will remain available as a free download via SoundBytes Magazine permanently, which is great news. The plugin is branded as SB Wusik Station V8, and it seems to be pretty much identical to the regular Wusik Station V8 feature-wise, with the only two differences being a reduced amount of bundled sample content (1 GB instead of 16 GB in the full version) and a slightly different skin with the SoundBytes logo in the upper-left corner.

SB Wusik Station V8 is an impressive virtual instrument that features six types of sound generators: a standard virtual analog oscillator (labeled 3 OSC), a drawable oscillator, a Supersaw-style oscillator, a wave sequencer, an audio looper and a sample player. These audio sources can be stacked to create complex timbres, or mapped across the keyboard to build multi-instrument patches within a single instance of the plugin. I’m not sure if there’s a limitation in terms of how many layers can be stacked in a single preset, so let’s just say that I managed to add 21 oscillator layers while testing the plugin before finally giving up. It’s also worth pointing out that each oscillator comes with separate filter, graphical envelope and polyphony controls, allowing for some serious in-depth customization of your patches.

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In addition to all of the oscillator goodness mentioned above, SB Wusik Station V8 features a separate FX section with two FX sends and seven built-in effects: low-pass filter, basic reverb, studio reverb, TAL-Reverb (based on Togu Audio Line’s freeware VST plugin), double chorus, stereo delay, and a multi-filter with drive and three different filter types. Finally, the instrument comes with an elaborate modulation section, featuring multiple modulation envelopes and LFOs, an arpeggiator, aftertouch, MIDI CC and a mod matrix for managing all of the modulation connections within a single patch.

To download your free copy of SB Wusik Station V8, simply visit the product page linked below and hit the Windows or Mac OS download button. There’s no registration or signup required. Please note that the bundled sound content (waveforms and samples) are available in a separate download pack on the same page. SoundBytes is also giving away a bonus set of acoustic samples (around 500 MB of audio material in total) to their email subscribers. Many thanks to our reader Bmovie for letting us know about this freebie offer!

SB Wusik Station V8 is available for free download via SoundBytes (19.2 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin formats for Windows & Mac OS).

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