Radiophonica By Ian Boddy Is Free To Download @ Time+Space


Time+Space is giving away the Radiophonica sample library (normally priced at £24.95) by Ian Boddy as a free download from their website for a limited time only. The free download offer expires on December 26th.

The production of these sounds was done entirely through analog hardware synthesizers. That said, the timbre and quality of this sound library provides an atmospheric sci-fi vibe that can turn out to be an essential addition to your sample toolbox.

Personally, I am a film score composer by trade. However, I do produce urban hip- hop and electronic music for my own enjoyment. In the few hours I’ve been using Radiophonica, I have been able to integrate its sounds into several projects that I’m working on at the moment. For me, I find that no how matter innovative, technically sound, or aurally pleasing a piece of music is in its standalone composition, it is nothing without the instruments and timbres of which said music is created for. So with that in mind, I took to the computer to find out what Radiophonica was all about.

My first use of this sound library was an attempt at integrating the UK sound designer’s samples into my own hip hop beat. Call it fate, or a happy coincidence, but I quickly opened the ”Nasty” folder and loaded up a gritty sinewave-based sound that provided ample support to the 808 basslines in my composition. Ok, Ian Boddy, you’re 1-for-1 but now let’s try these on a film score I’ve been working on. So I loaded up a new soundtrack I’ve been working on for the past few weeks and tried to see how I could finesse some sounds in Radiophonica into my composition. Well, my friends, Radiophonica did not disappoint. I quickly found a sound that blended well into my composition but did not distract from the music. Overall, Radiophonica is a pleasing addition to anyone’s sample arsenal but get it soon as it is only free until midnight on December 26th.

Radiophonica is available for free download via Time+Space (491 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 400 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 400 instrument patches for NI Kontakt 2 and above).

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About The Author

Donald “Avi” Stewart is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from San Bernardino, California. His musical style blends classical music with modern musical elements of jazz and hip-hop.