Get Soundspot’s Propane Mid-Side Panner For $2.50 (Flash Sale)


Pluginboutique is offering a 91% discount on the newly launched Propane effect by SoundSpot, available as a VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin for digital audio workstations running on PC and Mac. The plugin is currently priced at just $2.50 instead of the regular $30 price tag.

Propane is an easy-to-use mid/side tool. The plugin gives its users the ability to control the level of the mid and side channels separately in an intuitive user interface and with minimal CPU consumption. According to the info provided by the developer, it is meant for use in tandem with the MSW1 stereo controller effect which was available for free download until recently. For a freeware alternative to Propane, make sure to check out the brilliant Midside Matrix plugin by Goodhertz (which only works on Mac-based digital audio workstations, though). Another useful tool for this purpose is the Track Control plugin by DMG Audio which ranked second in our list of the best free VST plugins of 2016.

Definitely not suitable for producers who are looking for an advanced mid/side processing tool, Propane is the sort of plugin you’d want to pick if you prefer streamlined effects that take no more than a few seconds to set up correctly. If you’re unfamiliar with M/S processing of audio tracks, starting with a simple plugin such as Propane is probably a wiser choice than opting for something more advanced (such as the Panther Stereo Manipulation plugin, for example).

On a related note, it is still possible to grab the Orchestral Companion – Strings by SONiVOX and Air Music Xpand!2 for just $1, along with some other crazy deals like 89% OFF the excellent SONiVOX Universal Drums collection and 80% OFF iZotope Stutter Edit with iZotope’s Mobius Filter included as a free bonus. The holiday deals season is almost completely behind us at this point, so these are probably the last few no-brainer deals we’ll be seeing before October 2017.

Propane can be purchased for $2.50 via Pluginboutique. Many thanks to our reader Chris C. for the heads-up!

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  1. Hi. Is it really useful? If you use Ableton Live you can create a rack with two chains; in the first put a utility device with Width set to 0% for the mid; in the other put a utility device with Width set to 200% for the side. Then map Panorama for each chain in two macro knobs and you have Propane. I tried A/B Propane and the Rack and they sound the same.

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