Ghosthack Intros Free Neurostep Sample Pack (WAV)


Ghosthack has announced the release of Neurostep, a free collection of dubstep/neurofunk loops and samples in 24-bit WAV format.

Neurostep is a brand new sample pack designed by Ghosthack, combining elements of dubstep and a subgenre known as neurofunk. The “neuro” sound goes back as far as 1998 and is defined by hard bass stabs and strong backbeats.

This free neurofunk sound pack contains 164 MB of bass, drums, pads, FX, and loops that are pre-processed and ready to use in your sessions. The overall vibe of these samples is punchy and industrial yet not harsh or overly aggressive. Listening to the SoundCloud demo, many of the drums and bass tones are unique and don’t remind me of typical stock drum sounds available in most DAWs or traditional drum machines. They have accentuated overtones, modulation, saturation, and in some cases reverb already applied.

The included loops are rendered at 140 BPM although the majority of them have a half-time feel of classic dubstep drum sequences. I would have appreciated some more tempo options for the loops, but creating loops from scratch shouldn’t be difficult considering all the one-shot samples that are provided. I like the fact that the creators included some deep and evolving pads to create a bit of background atmosphere for gluing the track together.

The pack contains 10 bass loops and 20 bass one-shots that are labeled by key. There are also 10 drums loops, 7 kicks, 9 snares, 10 hi-hats, 10 pads, and 4 FX samples. Since all the sounds included in the pack share a similar aesthetic, they are useful for coming up with new track ideas that sound cohesive. Although this sound pack is free, you “pay” for it by allowing the site to use your Facebook or SoundCloud account to share the demo track. If you like what you hear from the demo of Neurostep, it could be worth it to endorse Ghosthack while getting a solid freebie pack in return.

On a related note, Ghosthack is currently running a special Valentine’s Day sale, offering a 50% OFF discount to all customers. Use the coupon code LOVE50 at checkout to apply the discount.

Neurostep is available for free download via Ghosthack (149 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 80 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format).

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