SaschArt Releases Free AdsrFilter VST Plugin For Windows


SaschArt has introduced AdsrFilter, a freeware multi-mode filter effect in VST plugin format for 32-bit and 64-bit host applications on Windows.

AdsrFilter is a clean and easy-to-use filter plugin for Windows that is optimized for extremely low CPU resource consumption. As a producer who prioritizes a fast and efficient workflow, I appreciate this plugin’s simple layout. I often reach for the OneKnob filter by Waves because it is dead simple to use and doesn’t take up system resources with extra features that I usually don’t need. SaschArt’s new AdsrFilter offers a few additional controls but still maintains a clean layout and doesn’t use excess CPU or memory.

For those more familiar with filters used in synthesizers, a standalone filter like AdsrFilter works in the same way but will affect any audio that passes through it. Much like an EQ, it can be used to adjust the tone of virtually any sound source like vocals or guitars, for example. In most synthesizers, the attack time begins when the note is triggered by the keyboard. With standalone filters, though, the attack begins as soon as the incoming audio signal surpasses a certain volume threshold (this functionality is often referred to as envelope detector or envelope follower).

In the case of adsrFilter, there is only one filter which can operate in three different modes: low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass. The standard ADSR envelope controls the frequency of the filter, its bandwidth, and the filter mix. As always, I love having the filter mix option to blend in the dry signal when desired. It also has some helpful control functions such as volume compensation and a visual reference as you make your adjustments. Although I haven’t experimented with it yet, there is a feature called up/down mode which I don’t see on most basic filter plugins. The plugin also includes stock presets for setting uplifters and filter drops quickly, as well as a reset button that can be trigger through MIDI.

AdsrFilter is available for free download via SaschArt (465 KB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows).

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Ben Bishop is a music producer based out of Nashville, TN. He works with many local artists in the pop/indie world and has a recording studio in East Nashville.

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