Nick Dwyer Releases Free Flintpope 256 Instrument For NI Reaktor


Nick Dwyer has introduced Flintpope 256, a freely downloadable (pay what you want) virtual instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Flintpope 256 is a software drum and pad machine allowing for beats to be set up quickly both in the studio and for live performances. This Reaktor 6 instrument is available by donation (free download option available) and contains 127 drum loops rendered at 120 BPM. It also contains the same amount of spacious pads to give your track atmosphere.

The drum bank and the pad bank are each triggered by a “MIDI On” command using your keyboard or DAW. Each key triggers a different drum loop or pad. Once you have the beat and pad started, you can adjust the controls on the instrument’s front panel to change the tempo of the beat, the sound layers, pitch bend, LFO routing, or the effects sends.

I would hope that the tempo adjustment dial snaps to actual BPM values in the host app. Since the control is actually labeled as “Pitch”, it is possible that it’s a free-moving dial, meaning that the user would have to find the precise spot to lock in the desired BPM value. This wouldn’t matter as much while using the instrument live, though, as other musicians could simply lock in the beat of Flintpope 256.

Listening to the demo, the only pads I hear are somewhat atonal which may not play nicely with other layers of instruments that are playing chords and soft melodies. However, I imagine that with 256 loops in this ensemble, you’re bound to find something that meshes well with your project. Advanced Reaktor users can also use the Sample Map Editor to import their own sounds and samples. You’ll have to own the full version of Reaktor 6 to use Flintpope 256 since the free version is not supported (15-minute time limit).

Flintpope 256 is available for free download via Gumroad (383 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 1 instrument ensemble in ENS format for NI Reaktor 6).

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