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Pluginboutique is offering a 90% OFF discount on Overtone, a parametric mastering equalizer VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin developed by SoundSpot.

Overtone is currently priced at $30 on Pluginboutique’s website ($75 list price), but you can further reduce the cost to just $7.50 by applying the coupon code OVERTONE90 at checkout. That’s 90% off the plugin’s regular price – a sweet deal indeed. A free trial version is also available, in case you’d prefer to demo Overtone on your system prior to purchasing it (always a good idea).

SoundSpot describes Overtone as an advanced mastering equalizer with a familiar analog-style interface. The plugin was designed to mimic the functionality and superior sonic quality of classic hardware units, while delivering all the benefits of modern DSP technology. Some of the highlight features include switchable stereo and M/S processing modes, along with channel linking and channel solo functionality. A saturation algorithm was also included for sweetening up the harmonics when boosting certain frequency ranges. Saturation is not applied to the signal when attenuating frequencies, providing a transparent signal flow where desired.

Special attention was given to adjusting the crossover points between EQ bands correctly, ensuring that the users can get highly musical results with minimal fine-tuning. The interface was designed to provide only the necessary amount of feedback (stereo output gain monitoring), forcing the users to listen to the actual frequency response of the plugin.

As already mentioned, you can currently purchase Overtone for 90% OFF its regular price. The offer ends on April 1st. Find more excellent deals on premium music production software via Pluginboutique.

More info: Overtone ($7.50 until April 1st using coupon code OVERTONE90)

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  1. I’m in love with the sound of Overtone already. But…

    On a track (FXpansion’s Geist / Reaper) the transients of a soloed kick on the very first beat gets crushed/ muffled by this EQ. Is it a latency issue? A Reaper + Overtone issue? I wonder if anyone else has this issue, and resolved it? Heading over to the Reaper forum but thought it was appropriate here as well, if / when a solution comes up.

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