Wavosaur Audio Editor Updated To v1.3, Introduces “Widgets”


Wavosaur, the freeware portable audio editor application for Windows, has been updated to version 1.3. The new version introduces several new features and irons out some of the bugs reported by the users.

So, all you Waveosaur users out there have been treated to an update to version 1.3 with some helpful new features. For those unfamiliar, Waveosaur is a quick, simple, and effective freeware audio editor optimized for a quick sample editing workflow. One of the program’s highlight features is VST plugin compatibility, meaning that you can use your favorite virtual effects to process audio files in it. It is also fully portable, running from a single EXE file (no installation required). On the other hand, Wavosaur is only available for use on Windows-based systems (although there are ways to run it on Mac OS, check out the comments section below for more info on that).

One of the main new features introduced in the latest version of Wavosaur are the “Widgets”. These allow the users to customize the interface with various window panels showing helpful measurements about the output signal such as RMS levels and stereo field analysis, to name a few. Widgets can also be assigned to display real-time FFT information for quick and accurate reference of the output signal’s spectral analysis. You can even set a widget to Scope Mode as a way to visualize the output.

Other than the correction of bugs from the previous version, v1.3 has improved workflow with features such as “select all” on right click and also a simplified method of track conversion into mono. Users that have Steinberg VST 2.4 will be happy to discover that their FXP and FXB files are better managed in this version of Waveosaur. To download this update, simply go to the Waveosaur website linked below and download the latest version. If you enjoy their work, and especially if you make money with their software, consider donating for the update via the PayPal link at the bottom of their site.

Wavosaur 1.3 is available for free download via Wavosaur.com (1.37 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE file, no installation required, standalone application for Windows).

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  1. yes its sad that FLAC isn’t implemented. Because of this, this very nice piece of software is worthless for me cause all my samples/audio files are FLAC.
    ‘Grace’, the sampler vst from one small clue is another candidate with this lack :(

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