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ModeAudio has introduced Disintegrate, a 610 MB collection of royalty free cinematic ambient loops ideal for ambient, downtempo, minimal and synthwave styles in WAW, REX2, Reason, and Ableton Live pack formats. We are taking a look at this new release by ModeAudio and giving away two copies to two lucky BPB readers!

This review focuses on the WAV version of the sample pack which features a total of 396 samples in a number of different folders. The “Disintegrate Loops” folder contains sub-folders with 29 bass loops, 24 drums and percussion loops, 35 SFX and textures loops, and 56 synths loops. The “Disintegrate Tail Samples” folder contains 110 synth and bass tail samples. The “Drum Samples” folder contains 47 individual drum samples, and the “MIDI” folder contains 95 MIDI loops. The ‘Bass Loops’ folder covers a range of subby, drone-like, gnarly bass sounds and a few arps which are labelled by key and tempo.

As for the drum beats, there are nine sets of loops with two or three versions of each loop comprising kick, hat, percussion, or a similar variation. They have a warm, punchy sound with substantial bass presence. The three versions make solid drum beats when mixed, whereas the option to de-layer them is suitable for producing a more stripped back feel if required.

The SFX and texture loops are an excellent addition which adds a bit of variety to the pack. They are labelled by tempo and comprise noise, wind, crackle, water, and glitch FX. As well as sound FX and texture, some of these have great rhythmic qualities and are ideally suited to further processing.

The library also includes a range of synth sounds which, again, are labelled by tempo and key. There are ambient, chord, drone and pad sounds which have excellent cinematic qualities, often with subtle movement and a somewhat “evolving” vibe. They share the good sonic characteristics with the rest of the library and, most importantly, are interesting sounds which can be used in different ways and for different music styles.

Tail samples are a welcome addition, as seen in other ModeAudio packs. On the face of it, they allow you to apply a natural reverb tail to the synth and bass sample loops, which is useful in itself. However, they are also excellent sound sources in their own right, that can be manipulated and mangled to add interesting elements to your tracks.

The drum samples cover a variety of one-shot drum hits. They are processed with reverb and subtle saturation, giving them a fair bit of warmth and presence.

The MIDI loops are also a very welcome addition. These are fully-featured MIDI sequences for bass, drums, chords and percussion loops. Typically 4-bar loops, these can be used to trigger your virtual instruments or further edited to create subtle or stark contrast and variations.


As is the case with most other ModeAudio sample packs, Disintegrate provides the potential to mix and match samples to create tracks, but you can also use these loops as a starting point to create something new and original. I had a lot of fun feeding them into the many different samplers in Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II. In fact, the flexibility and creative possibilities led me to create a whole album titled ‘Aporia’ which was created using only sounds from the pack processed with various samplers, as well as glitch and delay effects. You can listen to the album on Bandcamp.

Overall, this is an excellent value sample pack that packs a decently sized set of warm, cinematic sounds which provide inspiration for songs in a wide range of styles.

More info: ModeAudio Disintegrate (£18)

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ModeAudio Disintegrate

ModeAudio Disintegrate Review


ModeAudio's Disintegrate is an excellent value sample pack that packs a decently sized set of warm, cinematic sounds which provide inspiration for songs in a wide range of styles.

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