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Pluginboutique has launched another no-brainer deal, offering the Clone virtual instrument (M4L device for Ableton Live 9.2) by Sonic Faction for just $1 ($39 regular price).

Clone is a Max for Live device which attempts to emulate the legendary Roland SH-101 analog synthesizer. Sonic Faction’s virtual instrument for Ableton Live expands on the original unit’s feature set by providing additional modulation capabilities and a selection of built-in effects. One of the highlighted features is the so-called Delta Triangulator, a 3-way LFO controller for adjusting the shape and modulation rate simultaneously.

The user interface comes with a custom skin and a set of control parameters which are organized into separate panels. Much like the Roland SH-101 synth, Clone comes with pulse, triangle, and saw waveforms, along with a noise generator. It also features a multi-mode filter, several envelope generators, an arpeggiator, and a set of additional tools such as wave shaping and frequency modulation.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Clone is bundled with a step sequencer module for Max for Live, compatible with Ableton Push, Akai APC40, and Novation Launchpad controllers. Although I’m not 100% sure about this at the time of writing, it seems that this step sequencer is a separate module and that you can use it for sequencing other devices inside Ableton Live.

Please note that Ableton Live 9.2 Suite and Max for Live 7 are required for running this software. It won’t run in other digital audio workstations, nor older versions of Ableton Live. Also, please keep in mind that Ableton Live Lite isn’t supported either. Once you’ve purchased Clone, you can upgrade to Sonic Faction’s popular Archetype Ableton Bundle at 33% OFF its original price. The same discount is available for all users who own any Sonic Faction product.

More info: Sonic Faction Clone

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  1. Great offer, around 1€ for the sequencer is just great deal even the sound of Clone is not my taste. i was looking for a step seq for the push2. The “synth séquencer” is a separate M4L device.

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