Free Kontakt/Ableton Sound Library By Flintpope/PerforModule


Flintpope and PerforModule have joined forces to release the free Crystal Goblets / Eugene sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Ableton Live.

Crystal Goblets and Eugene use samples of crystal glasses filled with water as the source material for creating bell-like sounds and wide ambiances. The two versions of the library use the same audio samples for generating the sounds. The creators, known as Flintpope and PerforModule, collaborated on this instrument to make it compatible with both Ableton Live and NI Kontakt. The instrument is released as a free download through Isotonik Studios.

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During the recording session, the goblets were filled with different amounts of water and made to resonate either by being strummed with a violin bow or pushed with a finger. These are the same sounds you may have tried making by circling your finger around the rim of a wine glass. The library contains a set of Ableton Live racks and NI Kontakt patches based on these recordings. Each provided patch has different levels of added processing such as reverb, modulation, and some additional built-in Kontakt effects.

I can certainly see myself using the included raw samples to add tonal atmosphere to my tracks, since they have an organic yet very pure tone to them. However, I was a bit disappointed to discover that the authors haven’t included a playable instrument of just the raw samples, for Kontakt. All of the instruments process the samples with different effects that I can not see myself needing. For Ableton, it is possible that the raw samples are mapped to a playable instrument, but I was unable to confirm this. In any case, the included pure crystal goblet resonance samples are much appreciated!

To download the library, you will need to visit the product page linked below and provide your name and a valid email address to complete the checkout process. On a related note, PerforModule has recently released a huge collection of Ableton Live racks for controlling freeware VST plugins. And if you’re looking for even more free Ableton Live stuff, check out Turbencabulation, a set of miniature sound processing devices.

Crystal Goblets / Eugene is available for free download via Isotonik Studios (770 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 5 audio recordings in 16-bit WAV format, compatible with Ableton Live & NI Kontakt).

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