IK Multimedia Giving Away NRG For SampleTank (€39.99 Value)


IK Multimedia has announced that they are giving away the NRG sound library (€39.99 value) to all users who download, install, and activate the SampleTank Custom Shop by March 23rd, 2017.

NRG is a collection of audio loops and MIDI sequences for electronic music production. It consists of four individual SampleTank 3 instruments and is fully compatible with the iRig Pads controller. The content (208 MB of audio material) is spread across 8 groove construction kits, 12 individual drum kits, 80 MIDI patterns, and 4 multi patches. Normally priced at €39.99, the library is offered free or charge for SampleTank Custom Shop users.

If you’re unfamiliar with SampleTank, it is IK Multimedia’s flagship sampler instrument which can be expanded through the Custom Shop. The instrument is completely free to download and comes with a decent collection of free sounds. The available expansion packs range from relatively cheap one (such as the NRG library featured in this library) to premium products like the Miroslav Philharmonik 2 collection which was recently reviewed on our website.

To grab your free copy of NRG, make sure to complete the steps below by March 23rd:

  • Download SampleTank Custom Shop from IK Multimedia’s website.
  • Install the application, launch it, and authorize your copy of the instrument.
  • Inside the Custom Shop application, choose the NRG library and click the BUY button.
  • Now visit IK Multimedia’s website and log in to your user account.
  • Visit the User Area section and register your free copy of the NRG library.

After completing these steps, the library will be permanently added to your user account. Again, you’ll need to complete the registration process before the offer expires.

More info: Download instructions / NRG product page / SampleTank Custom Shop

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  1. Thanks!
    Always wondering why, as a customer, I don’t receive notifications about these freebies!

  2. Clicked the Buy Button,

    then popped up a confirmation with only “Cancel” on it…lol…

    Can’t make it…

  3. Geoffrey the Giraffe


    I do like IK Multimedia as a company, but my 2 cents is that this particular download isn’t worth all the hassle.