Get Swirly Drums By Karoryfer Samples For Just $9 Until April 1st!


Karoryfer Samples is running a special 48-hour deal on their new Swirly Drums ($29 standard price) brushed drum kit sample library for Plogue Sforzando and all SFZ-compatible instruments. The library is priced at just $9 until April 1st, 2018.

Swirly Drums is the first commercial release by Karoryfer Samples, following numerous exceptionally good free sound libraries they created in the past. Focusing their work on the expanded UI design capabilities of the SFZ format provided by the Plogue Sforzando platform, the team at Karoryfer Samples became one of the best, if not the very best, creator of SFZ content on the market. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, using this library in the freely downloadable Plogue Sforzando instrument will grant access to the fully customized user interface with sliders and controls you’re used to seeing in VST plugins and Kontakt libraries. Alternatively, you can use also use the library in any SFZ host, with limited functionality.

Back on topic, Swirly Drums is a brushed drum kit sample library focused on providing the types of sounds that aren’t usually found in similar products. In particular, Karoryfer Samples wanted to tackle the issue of sampling the “snare stirs” articulation which is when the drummer makes circles with the brush across the snare drum’s surface in tempo with the song. Being a rhythm-dependent articulation, the “snare stir” is hard to sample in a way that would be usable in different tempos, which is why it is often omitted from brushed drum kit sample packs. Swirly Drums solved this issue with a custom sampling technique which results in “snare stir” samples that are very flexible and can be adjusted to any tempo with Attack and Release controls.

In addition to this particular articulation, Swirly Drums includes darbuka, djembe, bongos, and cowbell samples played with brushes, a Cajon drum hit with a kick pedal, and numerous other sounds you don’t usually see included in sample libraries. All hits were sampled with four round robin variations and up to 22 velocity layers. Unlike most brush drum kit sample libraries, Swirly Drums is more “indie” than “jazzy” in style, so it’s more versatile from the music genre standpoint. For more info, check out the detailed walkthrough video above and visit the official product page below.

More info: Swirly Drums ($9 until April 1st, $29 standard price)

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