AudioFB Natasha Binaural VST Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time!


AudioFB has announced that the Natasha ($29 value) binaural processor VST plugin is available as a free download from their website for a limited time only.

Natasha is a binaural ambiance modeling effect. Its sound is inspired by a binaural microphone that the developers at AudioFB use in their studio. The effect is available in VST plugin format for Windows and VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for all compatible digital audio workstations on Mac. Only 64-bit host applications are supported

The plugin features an intuitive set of controls for adjusting the position of the processed signal on a virtual stage. The XY pad on the left side of the interface controls the signal’s stereo panning and the distance from the listener. It is also possible to adjust the elevation ( from 40º up to 40º down), and the properties of the simulated room reverb. The user can adjust a range of reverb algorithm properties such as the room size (up to 20m), early reflections, reverb damping, and the high-pass filter.

The plugin is normally priced at $29 but you can get it completely free of charge for the time being. Unfortunately, there is no information on when the free download offer will end.

To grab your free copy of Natasha, complete the checkout process linked below. The checkout process can be a bit tricky because, in my case at least, the check out page was written in the Portuguese language. Once registered, the product will be added to your AudioFB user account. The license will never expire but it can only be activated on one computer at a time.

Natasha VST plugin activation screen

The plugin shows the “Authorization Required” message when loaded.

UPDATE: I’m trying to authorize Natasha on my computer but I can’t figure out how to do it. The download link and the serial number arrived via email and the software installed just fine, but it’s stuck on the screen pictured above (check out the screenshot) when I load the plugin. Anyone figured out how to activate Natasha? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!

On a related note, AudioFB has recently released a freeware compressor plugin called SeteChave. A full review of that free compressor effect is coming soon on BPB.

More info: Natasha (89.6 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. First, this comment is more of a general thought than strictly about this one, but… Yep, there’s a but. Look at my but.

    Send a message, click that like button, follow me on instabook, love me on facegram, touch me on whatever new social media that’s hot now… Give me your name, your address, your age, your sexual orientation, your mandatory social score by the government of the people’s republic of awesome and don’t you dare complain… Oh, and btw, you might also let us install some stuff on your computer, and then resgiter online to our central server where we grab some more info about what you use, who you are, and vice-versa… And also because it is free for you always, we’ll make it available to you with a vague disclaimer that maybe one day it’ll not be so, no guarantee that we’ll exist for long. So, please use our online facility to activate one copy on one computer and then pray it’ll work again later if you need to reinstall.
    What the..?! What happened to “freeware”? Real freeware. Not the “if it’s free, you’re the product” kinda free.

    Rant over, for now.
    TL;DR: WTF?!


    • Tomislav Zlatic


      To be honest, there are still plenty of *real* freeware plugins being released every month. I write about those, too. But I also cover these limited-time freebies. It gives you the opportunity to download paid software for free. At the end of the day, it’s the user’s choice if they want to download it or not.

      • Admittedly, I was in total rant mode. Yes, there are beautiful freewares out there, and I use them with delight. I… I guess I just have a problem with the *fake* ones (they must be fake, if there are *real* ones, innit? :P). I do however wonder why you’d take the risk to install a ‘freeware’ that needs an internet connection, to a server that might disappear. It’s a disservice to the program itself, and to the user.
        I’m also old enough to use the word “demo” or even “shareware” instead of time-limited freeware. Which isn’t free in any shape of form, to me. Again, maybe those darn kids today (get off my lawn!) are okay with this, and the language used. I’m not.
        In the end , yes, it’s the users’ choice. No problem about that. But I’d like to be sure the user knows what they’re doing. And software companies to use the word ‘free’ in a legitimate and honest way.
        TL;DR: Oh boy, he’s ranting again. Ok boomer.

  2. I didnt had problems activating, maybe because I was curious what “safe.exe” is for in the installed folder. So I started it and its for activation. Entered details in there and its activated. Try that, its in same folder where vst is installed. If you installed vst in program files permissions could be issue too. I installed in custom location on my 2nd drive. Hope this helps. On a side note thinking if I should keep it, sounds like any other reverb to me (with pan)

  3. Hi!! :D

    If you work with Windows and the activation application does not open, you can try to open it directly in the plug-in folder. the “Safe.exe” app is the activation application.

    If the serial number or e-mail is showing as invalid. Wait a few minutes and try again after restarting your DAW. The server may be overloaded with too many accesses.

  4. It doesnt sound too special have to agree here. A little panning with a pretty standard sounding reverb. Purple knobs & gui are good.

  5. Both Natasha and SeteChave are detected by the Comodo engine at but it’s only one engine detecting it. The signature for both plugs is:
    [email protected]

    Can somebody with firm knowledge about security determine with certainty whether it really is TrojWare or any spy shenanigans, please? I always like to have suspicions like that of MRG confirmed or cleared out.

    Lots and lots of plugs (both free and commercial) are detected at (plus all sorts of software like CCleaner to name just one and I’ve heard that even the “Hello world” program got detected). They can be perfectly safe and still be detected. When it’s just one engine and it’s not pointing to the TrojWare scenario, I go ahead and install it but… should we really be confident when it’s just one detection? Are people including pros aware and worried about this? And if they’re not, isn’t that the ideal situation for hackers to go ahead and “flourish”? Are there quick ways to make sure? Cause is just not enough. One dev recommended me Virtual Box by Oracle. For security purposes and lots of crazyness as well, check it out.


    One day to go, if you want it, like REALLY want it. LOL But it still there for those who want to grab it!

    LAST DAY FREE!!!!!

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