Dark Sky Audio Introduces FREE Xperiments Kontakt Library


Dark Sky Audio releases Xperiments, a free Kontakt library with cinematic sounds (requires the full version of NI Kontakt).

Are you looking for something which can lay down cinematic sounds? Well, with a simple newsletter subscription to Dark Sky Audio, you can snag Xperiments.

Xperiments is the first in a series of planned free Kontakt instruments. Made sampling analog synthesizer, Xperiments is packed with pads, leads, soundscapes, and much more.

The interface of Xperimnts is clear and easy to read, and the sound design is quite fun when you get to grips with the layout. The front panel houses controls for portamento, an AR envelope, a filter, and modulation sources for the filter.

An arpeggiator is present and is perfectly perfunctory. There is a good selection of presets that all seem to fit the cinematic theme of the instrument. The atmospheres selection, in particular, is a real winner and is capable of playable textures and soundscapes which produce rich timbres.

Xperiments is a cut-down version of Dark Sky Audio’s Gen 6 engine, but it’s no less capable despite this. The sounds produced by Xperiments are rich and varied, and users can create and save their own presets.
There is a good selection of sampled analog waveforms which can serve as synthesis fodder.

These work well in conjunction with a selection of effects and pared-down modulation sources to create lush sounds full of movement and intrigue.

About the only shortcoming that can be made for Xperiments is its need for a full version of Kontakt, but those already in the ecosystem only benefit from this freebie.

There is no shortage of instruments aimed at cinematic synthesis, but very few come in sounding this good for such a low cost.

Xperiments requires a full version of Kontakt and is compatible with 6.71 and higher versions.

Compatibility for Xperiments just requires your host machine to be capable of running Kontakt, with Windows and Mac machines alike able to leverage this for their own productions.

Download: Xperiments


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  1. Everything about this freebie is just lovely. The sounds are high quality and have a nice depth to them. The included effects are really impressive too, especially the reverb and delays. The GUI is nice to look at and doesn’t get in the way. 99 presets to dive into. Way better than expected for a freebie. Thanks to the developers!

    • Michael…Right off the bat I felt like Xperiments holds its own compared to any other commercial library I have in terms of tonality and depth (including many of the newer NI libraries from Kontakt Komplete 14 Ultimate Collector’s Edition). Seems like a lot of third-party libraries offer a million options but their core sounds are just meh. Xperiments is refreshingly high quality and useable. I am very much looking forward to your upcoming releases. Great stuff!

  2. Steve Amesbury


    One of the best freebies for a long time. Some of those distortions are bone-rattlingly good – perfect for Sci-Fi / Post Apocalyptic ambience. Cool!

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one who was really impressed by this freebie. I try not to gush overboard with my positive comments because it can often come off as contrived or flaky. But honestly when I played this instrument I felt it was worth mentioning. I think for me it’s partly how they voiced the presets in a way that really “speaks” quality. I haven’t had much time to dig into the core samples yet but I plan on it. Better to have less bells and whistles (and even less presets if need be…I’m looking at you Muze…Muze could learn a lot from Xperiments) yet have a higher quality sound and depth of field. This freebie is a standout for me of late. :-)

  3. Now they have an XL version for $29. Instant buy for me. And they have another library coming April 2023! Really loving these sounds. The new XL version is really, really good.

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