Rhythmic Robot Test Unit Is FREE For A Limited Time


Rhythmic Robot offers the Test Unit sample library for NI Kontakt as a FREE download for a limited time.

The holiday giveaways continue to ramp up, and Rhythmic Robot has joined the fray with Test Unit, a quirky little instrument library for Kontakt (requires the full version of Kontakt).

Test Unit is a Kontakt synth, sampled from a test unit for calibrating and testing Eminent string machines.  The interface has some familiar elements but features a handful of symbols that are rather cryptic at first glance.

Contour acts as an envelope, with the requisite ADSR controls for controlling the amplitude of the signal. The tone filter is also simple to understand, acting as a resonant low-pass filter.

Waveform selection is relegated to simplistic shapes to the bottom left of the interface. They don’t directly correspond to your typical subtractive waveforms, however. Various geometric shapes are present and seem to have rather unusual results.

Rhythmic Robot has made a name for itself by sampling typical and atypical instruments and transforming them into quirky but production-ready instruments.

Test Unit is no different from previous efforts, and some experimentation found it sitting well in the mix and offering up an odd menagerie of sounds that you likely couldn’t coax out of your typical instrument.

The waveforms are unusual and more akin to experimental equipment, but the results they conjure up are quite musical. The probe test seems to allow for auditioning of sounds.

Rhythmic Robot has urged experimentation with Test Unit, so in the spirit of their request, this won’t be a short exploration of the instrument.

Since it is free, do check it out before the giveaway is gone on December 31st.

Test Unit is compatible with Kontakt 4.2.3 and requires a full version of Kontakt to use. System compatibility extends to Windows and Mac, and the library is fully compatible with Kontakt 7.

Download: Test Unit


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  1. This looks great, unfortunately i wont use NI software anymore. A “Decent Sampler” pack would make this sample pack more accessible to anyone who doesn’t use Kontakt. I appreciate thats extra work, so understand if thats not possible. Just a thought.. Happy xmas and New Year to Tom and collaborators. Peace, love and respect to all..

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