Cableguys TimeShaper 3 Is FREE With Any Purchase At Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the TimeShaper 3 ($29 value) plugin by Cableguys as a FREE add-on with any purchase this month.

January has come and gone, and with the dawn of a new month comes a new free plugin from Plugin Boutique. This month’s offering is the highly-regarded TimeShaper 3 by Cableguys, part of their ShaperBox series of processors.

TimeShaper 3 is quite a novel effect. It affects the time and pitch of a sound signal and acts as a greatly expanded version of Cableguys HalfTime.

The workflow is easy to grasp. You draw in envelopes to your specified location, affecting the playback speed and pitch of whatever material you’re feeding into it. TimeShaper 3 works great for things like tape stop effects, vaporwave explorations, and the melodic tricks you often hear in modern hip-hop.

The plugin works quite well in a variety of genres. Novel vocal effects for chops can be conjured up, giving your material an almost formant shaper-like quality. It works great on melodic content like synth lines, giving them a dusty vibe on more moody compositions.

Snagging TimeShaper 3 for free also entitles you to a fairly attractive upgrade price on the whole of the ShaperBox 3 suite, which grants access to various creative effects, all sharing the same unified user experience and interface. Upgrading to the full suite lets you string multiple Cableguys effects together.

The TimeShaper 3 giveaway lasts until the 13th of February, which might indicate another incoming freebie before the month’s end. So act quick if this has been on your wishlist (unless you plan to somehow claim the deal in the future and then use TimeShaper to literally bend time – no big deal if you’re a Christopher Nolan movie character).

TimeShaper 3 is Mac and Windows compatible, and with the recent release of ShaperBox 3, it also sees compatibility extending to M1 and M2 machines.

Windows users can expect VST, VST3, and AAX-compatible plugin formats. Mac users have the option of VST, VST3, AU, and AAX with Intel and Silicon binaries available.

Get the freebie: TimeShaper 3 (FREE with any purchase until February 13th)

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  1. To celebrate the launch of my new store, I’m giving away Cool Loops Vol. 3 until 3/1/23.

    30 royalty free Melodic Loops with Midi files included
    No coupon code is needed

    Shout out to the BPB Crew + Readers!

    Cool WAV

    • Well, not exactly cheap – Stutter Edit 2 is normally priced at $199 and that would probably be my choice if I didn’t already have it and Tokyo Dawn Labs is well known for selling top quality plugins at democratic prices – TDR Kotelnikov GE is normally priced at $50 but it’s one of the finest compressors on the market and the free versions of their plugins are top notch, only missing a couple of advanced features. Finally, I would never pay $199 for Stutter Edit (I picked it for $10, BTW), but I would gladly pay $50 for TDR Kotelnikov GE if they didn’t do discounts (I don’t really get why they do that – in my mind, once you drop the price that’s the new price). So, prices are relative but good plugs remain good regardless of the price :)

    • Avatar photo

      I would 100% recommend Kotelnikov at the current price point. You won’t find a cleaner and more flexible compressor for the price. It goes toe to toe with Unisum quite readily and clocks in at like a quarter of the price ordinarily.

  2. The AAS physical modeling synths from the session range are now just about 10 bucks. The session plugins have the same engine as the full plugins but are pure preset players and you can’t tweak the sound. They sound absolutely superb. I own Lounge Lizard and Strum Guitar and they are among my favorite plugins.

  3. Hi Alex, I’m guessing they would lower a price for promotion rather than to de value. As an example I didn’t realise that TDR had introduced a vinyl lathe cutting emulator software to there excellent software arsenal. This apparently is not a gimmick but a real emulation and incredibly technical. There are two versions, one is aimed at producers dipping there toe in and the other is aimed at professionals who want to emulate a cut, before committing to the real thing.
    So if anyone has ever wanted to get involved with vinyl cutting (which is a dying art form), this might be a good place to start. Peace, love and respect.

    • HI! Well, I love Tokyo Dawn Labs. They’ve been around since forever offering some of the best free plugins ever and there were times when there wasn’t a lot of good free plugins around. It’s only that I think their prices are low enough already and have great admiration for companies that offer plugins at democratic prices and practice no discount policy like Klanghelm, Toneboosters, Valhalla, DMG Audio… OK, some of DMG Audio plugins are expensive but they do have discounts for returning customers and students. To me, what those companies do is showing respect to the people who have already bought their plugins. That’s why I say once you drop the price, that’s the new price and after that I won’t pay the original price anymore. Offering plugins for a 10th of the price every other week simply does’t feel right to me and that’s what some of the big name companies we all know do (this doesn’t apply to Tokyo Dawn Labs, of course). But, that’s just the way I see things. PNL

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