AVA Music Group Debuts Prism Urban Legends For Kontakt


AVA Music Group Releases the Prism Urban Legends sound library for Kontakt and a spring sale with 70% off bundles and 50% off individual libraries.

There is no such thing as too many drums. If you’re like me and on a constant hunt for more drum-related paraphernalia, you’ll surely be delighted by Prism Urban Legends by AVA Music Group.

Prism is a Kontakt library with complete kits in a tidy interface. These aren’t your typical boom-bap drum sounds either. Hand-curated sounds are inside each of the ten kits to take your hip-hop productions to the next level.

The central interface presents a massive prism directly in the center, with each colored side corresponding to a type of drum sound. Kicks, hats, snares, and claps are all readily auditioned here, and you can select which sound you want for that particular slot.

The drums sound great, with a lot of body and heft without processing. A pair of effects sliders flank the central prism and allow for easy access to compression and something AVA calls sauce.

These aren’t the only two effects mind you. The effects tab houses additional effects, allowing for easy drum processing without having to reach for a bevy of inserts. Users can access compression, exciter, stereo width control, transient shaping, pitch, reverb, delay, and EQ. You can also select samples for each individual slot here as well.

Prism also comes with an assortment of MIDI grooves, which are handy for quick inspiration or getting to work without much fuss. These work well with the provided sounds and are a welcome addition to any drum-based software.

Controls are rounded with the Master tab, which houses universal effects for all sounds in a kit. Here you can apply bus compression, tape saturation, limiting, and the secret sauce, which is possibly an extremely streamlined multi-band compressor.

Prism is available with an intro sale of $46, which lasts until the 3rd of April. If you’re looking to bolster your productions with some fat drums, it might be best to jump on now before the sale is gone.

Prism Urban Legends requires Kontakt Player and requires version 6.4 or higher. It is also NKS compatible.

More info: Prism Urban Legends

AVA Music Group Spring Sale

AVA Music Group also launched the Spring Sale. Buy one product and receive Kontakt drum engine PRISM Drums Lite Edition FOR FREE.

You can also get 70% off bundles and 50% off individual libraries. These are AVA Music Gropu’s lowest prices in history.

The Giveaway

AVA Music Group provided five FREE copies of Prism Urban Legends for five lucky BPB readers.

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It’s that simple!

We will randomly pick five comments and announce the winners on Friday, March 31st.

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for reading BPB!

The winners are:

1) dgu

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5) Brian

Congratulations! Your prizes will be delivered via email.


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  1. I wouldn’t think that I’d get so excited about a drum library for Kontakt, but the trailer for this Prism Urban Legends sounds bloody amazing.

  2. Nice! I’m dreaming of the day when I’ll actually win a contest I entered. It’s never happened before, no giveawyas, no contests, nothing. As a drummer, I want to win this.

  3. As a producer who is always on the lookout for new sounds, AVA Music Group’s Prism Urban Legends has caught my attention. The hand-curated drum sounds and MIDI grooves are a welcome addition to any hip-hop producer’s arsenal. I appreciate the intuitive interface and easy access to effects, allowing for quick and easy processing without sacrificing sound quality. I’ve already subscribed to AVA Music Group on YouTube.

    Thank you, BPB, for the opportunity to win a free copy of Prism Urban Legends!

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