MPhaserMB by MeldaProduction Is FREE With Any Purchase At ADSR Sounds


During August, you can get the MPhaserMB ($43 value) multiband phaser plugin by MeldaProduction for free with any purchase at ADSR Sounds.

MPhaserMB is a mighty and advanced modulation tool, packed with plenty of features to sculpt your audio tracks creatively, be they individual stems of guitars, keys, drums, or even master tracks.

It offers up to six bands which can be split via frequency, tonal/timbral, transient, and more to take advantage of independent processing for each band.

They are built on three transparent crossover algorithms (analog, linear-phase, and hybrid) with fully adjustable limits and input gains.

This versatility is enhanced by the ability to draw in custom wave shapes, editable by employing the company’s trademark MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES), step-sequencer, and several methods for algorithmic postprocessing.

In each instance of the plugin, you can have up to 4 fully-featured modulators that can modulate any set of parameters, including other modulators, to make the processed sound more interesting and less static.

Each modulator works either as LFO, envelope follower, midi/audio triggered ADSR envelopes, a pitch detector, or even as a combination of them.

Every oscillator and modulator in the plugin can also automatically synchronize to the host tempo if you want to.

While all of this power might scare you, don’t panic!

In typical MeldaProduction design, MPhaserMB features a versatile dual-user interface, enabling you to switch from the easy mode to the advanced one at any time.

The Easy mode shows you some macro controls and several pre-defined modes of operation so that you can start enjoying the modulation capabilities of the plugin straight away with no deep knowledge.

In this way, this plugin can be a great addition to both beginners and professional users.

For the latter case, some may be delighted by the plugin’s support of up to 8 channels of surround audio, making it ideal for multimedia audio production scenarios like movies or video games.

If you’re more keen on a hands-on approach to music making, you can map any available parameter to any MIDI controller and control it in real-time or record and automate it in your DAW.

To achieve high-quality and clean processing, MPhaserMB can handle up to x16 oversampling.

And if you were wondering about it, the plugin is even optimized for fast computing with SSE and SSE2 processors.

It’s available for both Mac and Windows users with 64-bit operating machines, and VST, VST3, AU, and AAX as supported formats.

Get the deal: MPhaserMB (FREE with any purchase at ADSR during August)


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  1. As much as i like Melda i really Have a dialekt of ADSR. Their website is a mess. The only way to see the price of their plugins is to click on them individually. That in addition to the fact that when they have something for free with a purchase they double the prices of their cheapest plugins. So nah. But again…Melda are great.

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