IK Multimedia Amplitube SVX 2 Is FREE Until October 31st


IK Multimedia offers the Amplitube SVX 2 ($99.99 value) bass amplification software as a FREE download until October 31st. It requires the Amplitube 5 software (the free CS version is also supported).

I feel we’ve covered our fair share of guitar-oriented amp sims since I started writing for the Bedroom Producers Blog.

That makes sense. Guitar amps are exciting and fresh; they captivate that little reptilian corner of my brain that physical gear once occupied.

Now, bass amps are a rarer occurrence, especially for free. But, we currently have the chance to get an excellent bass guitar amp plugin for free, for a limited time.

Until October 31st, you can grab Amplitube SVX 2 for free from the kind folks at IK Multimedia.

Amplitube SVX 2 covers three amplifiers, all based on classic Ampeg bass amps. You’ve also got the accompanying cabinets and a handful of free effects to take advantage of when used with Amplitube 5 CS.

The first amp is the SVX-15N, based on the classic tube-driven Ampeg B-15N. This is an all-time classic and is great for rock, funk, soul, or just about anything really.

It takes pedals well if you do care to add a little grit and clank to pursue an older heavy metal sound. It’s my favourite of the three amps covered by this collection.

The SVX-4B is based on the all-tube Ampeg V-4B, another rock and roll classic best suited for heavy-handed pick playing. This one is dead simple to dial in and gets a little gritty when pushing the gain against the preamp. This one sounds nice, but I’m not much of a rock bassist.

The SVX-VR is a workhorse based on the SVT-VR. This transistor-based amp is arguably the most replicated bass head in software, and for a good reason, I suppose.

It is a jack-of-all-trades despite being a little more in-depth when it comes to the overall tone stack controls.

Cabinet selections are a 1×15, 2×12, and an 8×10, which you can readily mix and match as needed. I personally run the 2×12 on most things for funkier and more mellow stuff. The 8×10 gives you plenty of low-end, provided you’re after that mammoth bass sound, you’ll inevitably end up sculpting in mixing.

All said and done, Amplitube SVX 2 is a tidy little collection of bass amps that might be a great fit for your MIDI or physical bass playing. You can download Amplitube SVX 2 free for a limited time.

Please note that you will need to install the free Amplitube 5 CS plugin (or some of its premium versions) to access Amplitube SVX 2. The activation process is explained in detail on the promo page linked below.

Don’t forget the other limited-time deals that are currently available, such as the LA-2A Tube Compressor by Universal Audio.

Download: Amplitube SVX 2 (FREE until October 31st)


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  1. JICYMI: If you only have the CS(CustomShop) version, you’ll also unlock some of the paid/SE functions, such as access to post-FX rack, pre-amp FX, DI FX, as well as the triple-amp config and dual-parallel splitted amps configs.

    Me personally don’t make use of the triple-amp or splitted-parallel config much, but the post-FX gives a whole different flow to me.

    And ofc for those that play bass, having FX on DI track is a killer deal for that T H I C C bass tone.

  2. Producer-Secrets will have an IK free giveaway in November

    They are now asking users to decide which it will be: T-Racks EQP-1A or T-Racks Black 76

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