VSTBuzz Offers FREE The LO.VE. Piano For Kontakt Player


VSTBuzz offers The LO.VE. Piano, a FREE piano sample library for Kontakt Player.

Despite the many excellent piano libraries available, I’m always happy for more, especially if it’s compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

The LO.VE. Piano (LOw VElocity Performance) is one such library, and it’s now available to download for free (previously $29).

One of the difficulties of having so many great piano sounds is choosing the best one for a specific task. You might prefer the character of a particular piano, like a Bösendorfer Imperial Model 290, a Yamaha C7, or a Steinway Model D, and personal preference can make the choice easier.

But if you’re simply trying to find the best match for a specific genre, scene, or emotion, your choice is often made on very slight margins because multiple instruments offer a viable solution in different ways.

The LO.VE. Piano targets soft and intimate playing, and that makes it an easy go-to choice for really emotive performances, whether it’s a cinematic score or a heartwrenching ballad.

I like that the piano focuses on a particular sound, but what I like even more is that it offers twelve velocity layers between soft and moderately loud. The recorded velocity layers should ensure that The LO.VE. Piano maintains a high level of clarity and doesn’t go from lush to muddy, like some other soft pianos.

The lack of louder dynamics means you won’t convincingly perform something like Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2, but again, that’s the point.

The LO.VE. Piano delivers the softer side of the Yamaha C7 grand piano, which is already a lovely piano for intimate performances. The library includes hammer and pedal noise that you can remove, although, in a cinematic context, it often adds more character.

The free library also features eighteen reverb IR (rooms, studios, halls, and arenas) that create the perfect space for this lush piano sound.

It’s not the first piano to focus on a particular sound or character; we recently checked out Attic Piano from The Crow Hill Company, but it’s good to have a few of these instruments in your toolbox.

The LO.VE. Piano sounds fantastic in the intended context, and it’s probably a bit crisper than most similar instruments, meaning you can push it a little more without every note merging into a washy mess.

It’s a lovely freebie, and it runs in the free Kontakt Player 7 – so it’s all good! You can find more free Kontakt libraries on our website.

Download: LO.VE. Piano (FREE)


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    • Same here. White broken interface, makes no sound, says “DEMO”. Did anyone who ran into this issue manage to fix it?

      • I iad the same problem. You need to go to Native Access and register it with the serial number provided on the VstBuzz order age.

        • I registered with NA and still same issue. Disappointing, message to NI, how do you expect people to buy your products if you don’t fix this kind of mess??
          Kontakt is a dinosaur, messy. And why 2 versions?? Such a complete mess.
          I’ve used plugins for over 20 years and buy from several companies, but won’t spend a penny with NI with such poor product dev.

    • Nice! I bought it just a couple of months ago for $30 at JRR Shop ;-)

      Silver lining, I hope GForce now will come around to update it !

  1. is it normal that its files occupy more than 3.4GB or did i make mistake installing it? there are 2 huge nkx files love_piano_0 and love_piano_1…..i dont know i may unzipped it twice.
    do you have same files on sample folder?

  2. Sounds great in the demo. I was disappointed when all I got was a white screen and no sound. I followed the installation instructions. Got it registered and installed okay, but then it didn’t work

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