Win Abletunes Retrotape, RVRB, FX Mate! (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


Abletunes is giving away Retrotape, RVRB, and FX Mate plugins to three lucky BPB readers (one plugin per winner).

If you’re an Ableton user, you might already be familiar with Abletunes, a brand specializing in creating Ableton Live templates.

Abletunes has over 250 templates in its collection, intending to help producers of all levels better understand professional techniques and musical production trends.

As well as creating educational content, Abletunes makes sample packs, presets, and plugins.

Let’s examine the three Abletunes plugins included in the giveaway: Retrotape, RVRB, and FX Mate.

Before I get into those, don’t forget Universal Audio’s Poly MAX synth is free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique throughout February 2024.

Abletunes Retrotape

Retrotape (€59,00) takes you back to the 1980s by accurately emulating a vintage cassette recorder (no actual time travel occurs, not that I had my hopes up or anything).

The plugin has an Age slider that gradually introduces more of the signature character of an old tape head. The Noise section provides three distinct noise profiles: Type One (standard cassette noise), Type Two (filtered noise), and Type Three (ambient sound of a professional cassette player).

Retrotape offers an authentic recreation of a much-loved retro sound, or you can use it to create more unusual, beautifully-textured soundscapes.

Abletunes RVRB

RVRB (€71,00 current sale price) is a modern algorithmic reverb plugin with over 60 built-in presets to suit the most common instruments/sounds. Like Retrotape, RVRB is also capable of generating either authentic or experimental results.

RVRB features twelve algorithms, including basic rooms, halls, and plates. This plugin has a Soft Attack knob that smooths the input signal’s initial transient, allowing you to pick up the reverb from the body of the sound, reducing any unwanted harshness in the reverb tail.

You can also boost the reverb tail with the built-in compressor. RVRB features a four-band damping EQ with a real-time spectrum analyzer. The slick GUI helps get the best out of RVRB’s loaded features set.

Abletunes FX Mate

FX Mate (€59,00) is exactly what the name suggests; it’s a multi-effect plugin that includes a selection of toolkit essentials.

The plugin makes it easy to add common effects like compression, reverb, distortion, delay, adjust the stereo width, and boost the low and mid-high frequency ranges.

As well as providing a range of go-to effects, FX Mate aims to make the application of those effects as straightforward as possible.

To make things easier, Abletunes has mapped multiple parameters of each effect to a single knob, so with one turn, there’s plenty more going on under the hood.

FX Mate is a handy plugin at any level; it helps beginners get better results stress-free, and it could help any user save some valuable time.

Free Abletunes Infinite Keys

As we launch this giveaway, Abletunes released a free Instruments Rack for Ableton Live called Infinite Keys.

The rack offers a variety of unique keyboard and synth sounds for use in sound design and music production. Its dual-layer engine blends 128 instruments and waveforms sourced from over 30 vintage and modern analog synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

The free Infinite Keys collection contains diverse sounds, from grand and upright pianos to unique instruments like kalimba and xylophone. It includes 3.5 GB of audio content and features two effect selectors, each loaded with 40 pre-designed effects.

Another helpful feature is the randomization button, which lets you randomly generate new instrument combinations with unique filter settings and effects.

Infinite Keys is free for use in Ableton Live, requiring version 11.0.12 Standard or Suite.

The Giveaway

Abletunes kindly provided free copies of Retrotape, RVRB, and FX Mate plugins for three lucky BPB readers (one plugin per winner).

To enter the giveaway, answer the following question in the comments section below: Which of these three plugins would you like to win?

Only one entry per reader is allowed. Duplicate entries will be deleted. If possible, the winner will receive the prize stated in the comment. If two (or more) winners picked the same plugin, the prizes will be issued randomly.

We will pick three random comments and announce the lucky winners on February 15th.

Good luck, and thank you for reading BPB! :)

And the winners are:

  1. dan (s******@i******.**): Abletunes Retrotape
  2. Quet0 (me********@*****.***): RVRB
  3. Michael N (u*****@*****.***): FX Mate

Congratulations! Expect an email from BPB shortly. :)

Prizes: Abletunes


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  1. Wow thanks Abletunes! I’m a sucker for saturation and distortion plugins so if I won I’d want to go for ‘Retrotape’ B)

  2. david the time lord


    Abletunes Retrotape, I am a time lord and extra tools in my time travelling toolkit are always appreciated

    • FX Mate – I’m still in high school so I don’t have a big budget, but I’m hoping to become either a producer or engineer. 😂

  3. I would like to win the Abletunes Retrotape because is a powerful audio plugin designed to add vintage warmth and character to music productions. Thank you

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